IGCSE Notes and Revision: 11 Top Websites to Help You Ace Your Exams

11 Useful Websites For IGCSE

11 Best Websites for IGCSE Notes and Revision in 2024


There are a vast number of online resources available for students now thanks to the internet. You can now find almost any information thanks to the internet. Today, Tutopiya is here to share with our students 11 useful websites for IGCSE notes and resources for revision and examination preparation. 

This list will consist of blog pages, YouTube channels, and other useful platforms that offer students useful resources. The list is not in any order. 


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11 useful websites for IGCSE Notes and Resources 


IGCSE Revision notes


Starting off the list with some YouTube channels 

1. Tutopiya 


Tutopiya’s Resource Centre contains many IGCSE past year papers examples and summary notes that are useful for our students. They are also available for download for all our students. Feel free to chat us up if you are looking for any summary and revision notes for a particular subject! Visit our Resource Centre today! 


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2. The IGCSE Channel 

The IGCSE Channel goes through IGCSE past year papers on her channel and helps students to get the model A* answers examiners are looking for! She gives detailed solutions in correspondence to the mark scheme. Additionally, she focuses on the three sciences of IGCSE – Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 


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3. CrashCourse 

CrashCourse channel is formed by two brothers who wanted to make education easily accessible to everyone. The Crash Course team has produced more than 32 courses on a wide variety of subjects, including organic chemistry, literature, world history, biology, philosophy, theater, ecology, and many more! Their videos are concept-based and can be used as an introduction to the new concept or reemphasize the concept. 


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4. Michel van Biezen

Michel van Biezen is a channel hosted by a professor and the channel contains a variety of subject videos which include Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Math, and Mechanical Engineering videos. His videos explain fundamental concepts as well as examples to solve questions and problems. 

Now, moving on to the blog pages and or websites that provides students with revision notes and resources for their examination preparation. 

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5.  IGCSE Pro 

Website: https://www.igcsepro.org/

IGCSE Pro is a website that offers students resources for IGCSE Biology and ICT. They have a complete and comprehensive note for all the sub-topics under Biology and ICT. 

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6. Stamp Science 

Website: https://www.stampscience.com/

Stamp Science offers students the notes of the three IGCSE sciences for years 7, 8, and 9 students. Their website breaks down the subjects into their sub-topics and they also included the essential formulas, concepts, key takeaways of the subtopic as well as simulation for several topics to better illustrate the concept to students. Visit them to get your resources! 


7. Science with Hazel 

Science with Hazel is hosted by Hazel and she explains GCSE and IGCSE science topics including the new Grade 1 to 9 syllabus. She answers practice exam papers in all three sciences – Chemistry, Biology, and Physics to help students with their exam revision. 


8. Notes4IGCSE

Website: http://notes4igcse.blogspot.com/

Notes4IGCSE mainly provides students with IGCSE Biology and Chemistry Notes. Their notes are detailed and easy to read. They also cover all the sub-topics of the subject in detail. It is great for students who are looking for quick summary notes for sub-topics. 


9. TeachifyMe 

Website: https://www.teachifyme.com/

TeachifyMe offers students subject notes for the majority of the IGCSE subjects. They also provide blog pages that go through example questions. This page is extremely helpful and surely you are able to find something there. However, to gain access to their full notes you may have to pay for it. 


10. OxNotes

Website: https://www.oxnotes.com/

OxNotes contains study and revision notes for GCSE many GCSE subjects including English Literature, Geography, and History. Their study guides help students to go through each concept and chapter with either note of recommended YouTube videos. It really is a study guide for students! Be sure to check them out! 

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11. Cambridge Assessment International Education Official Website

Website: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/programmes-and-qualifications/cambridge-upper-secondary/cambridge-igcse/


Yes, the official IGCSE website is one of the 11 useful websites for IGCSE revision. It provides students with past-year examination papers that are available for download. Past year papers are extremely helpful for examination revision. You can find all their past year papers including the mark scheme to serve as a guide to your preparation. 

In conclusion, there are many resources available online, but to find one that suits you and your learning needs will require some research. Tutopiya hopes that one of these 11 useful websites for IGCSE notes and revision can be of help to your examination preparation! 


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