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Group Revision Classes

IGCSE Revision Class for 2023 exam prep

Intensive Group Revision for Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSE
NOTE: This program is temporarily paused. Please head over to the IGCSE Revision Grade Booster Page for current revision programs.


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Revision for IGCSE Examinations in 2023

The IGCSE Group lessons offers an effective and intensive IGCSE revision program that will give your child the confidence and much needed boost to excel at their IGCSE exams. This Program is developed to boost your child’s grades for the last lap of their IGCSE journey.

The program brings well designed content to help students attain the best grades at their IGCSE exams.

The program will provide your child with the practice, knowledge and exposure to face the exams confidently.

We are excited to help you with getting your child ready for the upcoming IGCSE exams.

Revision Program Details

Get exam ready in 3 Months with our Revision programs

The revision program offers Past Paper Coverage + Exam Tips + Techniques

Each subject offers 25 to 30 lessons

Subjects Offered

  • English as First Language
  • Coordinated Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • ICT

Course Content

English as a
First Language
(25 Lessons)


(25 Lessons)


(25 Lessons)

(30 Lessons)


(20 Lessons)


(25 Lessons)

Exam Tools, Techniques and Strategies

The right strategies and techniques are the key ingredients to excel in producing the correct answers to the questions posed. That is why we will present students with effective tools and techniques to analyze questions, manage time and answer effectively.

IGCSE revision 2

Frequently Tested IGCSE Exam Question Types

We will take students through a process as to how to analyse frequently tested questions and compose answers to tackle each requirement set by a question.

Intensive Question Practice

Our unique teaching methods help students revise more effectively, identify gaps in their learning, knowledge and skills, and reinforce their understanding.

In-depth Analysis of Past Papers

Our unique and intensive revision programs help students learn how to avoid common mistakes and stumbling blocks by focusing on important concepts and identifying key areas as well as topics they often struggle with.

Tips and Tricks in Analysing Marking Schemes

Students will be equipped with a plethora of examination strategies, time management, question analysis and answering techniques throughout our booster program.

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Parent Details

Please select your preferred subject/s

Tutopiya offers
a unique and Exclusive Learning Platform

Interactive and modern online classroom

Tutopiya has a purpose built state of the art online classroom platform packed with the latest features which continuously keeps improving to fit customer and Tutor requirements.

Material Sharing

The platform allows students and tutor to freely share material (any questions/assessments/worksheets) amongst each other

Lesson history/lesson recording

The platform provides the functionality to record lessons to facilitate later reference and child’s revision so each lesson will be as useful as a second or third

No missed lessons

Tutopiya provides a replacement Tutor in the event a Tutor is unwell or on holiday

Privacy and Superior

Customer Service

Progress tracking

Progress is tracked and feedback is to parents after every lesson

Customer Support

Tutopiya has a dedicated team to exclusively customers in support they would need in terms of the service or the online classroom platform at any given time

Customer Reviews

Each review and feedback is taken through a process to assure increased standards where Tutopiya’s learning platform and services offered go through close monitoring and improvement to assure customer needs are met at all times


Tutopiya respects the privacy of students and the online classroom portal is designed to provide a safe learning environment to the child

Location and Dates


Live Online Lessons on Zoom


Flexible arrangements based on the schedules of Tutor and Students tutor’s & student’s availability Covered over 6 weeks or shorter durations as a crash course

Personal and Virtual Learning Experience

1-1 Tutoring

Tutopiya provides an exclusive one-to-one learning experience that allows you to educate your child how and when you want any time, anywhere using methodologies that best fit your child's needs.

You learn from the comfort of your home

No time and money wasted travelling or even getting ready

Live and interactive

Your child will be able to ask and get immediate answers to all their queries

Individual and personalised lessons for your child

Tutotiya assess each child and structure an effective to assure good results that also best fit the child’s attention span, interest and ability

Flexible duration

Lessons can range from 1 to 2 hours to as short as 30 mins per lesson – you choose to suit your convenience.

Homework support

The Best Solution for your child’s Homework support – 30 mins for 4 days per week!

Outstanding Tutor Base

Experienced and highly qualified Tutors

Tutors are educated at some of the most prestigious and globally recognized universities and have in depth experience with coaching students to achieve higher grades. Rigorous hiring process

Long and strong Tutor-student relationship

The child would have the same tutor for the long term to maintain the crucial student-tutor bond unless you request a change

Rigorous and extensive selection process

Tutopiya Tutors have gone through a 72 hour long rigorous selection process to assure the highest standards and quality

Tutopiya specific training process

Our Tutors go through a general training program to understand the standards, core values and learning platform of Tutopiya and also go through continuous orientation programs to understand individual students and student requirements

Tutors are experienced IGCSE subject specialists

Tutopiya assures that the Tutor has the credentials required for IGCSE and that they are specialists in the subject

Tutor Assessment and Feedback

Tutors go through continuous improvement programs and orientations based on changing customer requirements and feedback

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Who Are Our Tutors?

Our IGCSE Tutors are graduates of top UK Universities & have years of experience teaching IGCSE Biology, Economics tuition, and all other Cambridge IGCSE Subjects.

Interested in a Cambridge IGCSE tutor?
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How Does Our Online Tuition Work?

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Truly International

Our online classroom spans across the globe. At Tutopiya we make e-tuition accessible. All our online tuition plans are personalized to our students enrolled with us. We truly are an international tuition agency.

Be it in Singapore or anywhere in the world,
our team of passionate and dedicated coordinators brings quality, online home tuition near you.

We pride in being there for students and parents right from the start to ensure that they experience only the best of online private tuition right from the comfort of their homes or on the go.

At Tutopiya Online Tuition, our trained student coordinators and support team understand that it is important to find the best private tutor for students to get the most out of their private home tuition experience.

Offering both the International and Singapore curriculums,
our private online lessons are live and interactive,
creating a stimulating yet safe environment for students to study.

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