IGCSE Past Papers: Where to Find & How to Use Past Papers for Revision

IGCSE Past papers

Are you getting ready for your upcoming IGCSE examinations? IGCSE past papers are the most practical and effective way to get yourself prepared and ready for the IGCSE exams. 


Why is practicing on IGCSE past papers crucial and effective for the IGCSE exams? It is mainly because the past papers are largely similar in structure and format to the upcoming exams. Hence, just practicing enough of these IGCSE past papers can give students a headstart and allow them to familiarise themselves with the paper. 


Though practicing the IGCSE past papers is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the exams, there are also other ways to help students revise effectively and better for their IGCSE exams. 


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Of course, doing the IGCSE past papers are effective, but where can students find these past papers? Here are several websites and portals students can use to find past year’s papers. 



Tutopiya is a Live Online Tuition platform that offers students personalized and interactive online tuition for their curriculums. We also has a resource center free for all students to navigate to and use. Tutopiya Resource Center is jam-packed with many IGCSE past year paper practices as well as revision notes specific to the different curriculums. Visit our Resource Center here for IGCSE-specific content! 


IGCSE Cambridge Board 

The IGCSE Cambridge Board uploads downloadable past year papers for students and teachers to download and use. Additionally, they also have examiners’ notes and marking schemes for students to use for their revision. The past year’s papers are consistently updated and their past year’s papers are uploaded according to the latest syllabus. Find their past year’s papers here


Smart Exam Resources 

Smart Exam Resources offer students Cambridge IGCSE Resources for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Combined Science, Coordinated Science, English, and many more language subjects. Their resources include revision notes such as topic questions and solved past year’s papers. They also have video lectures and free video crash courses with special exam tips. They are constantly revamping and offering students many revision options over at their website. Visit them here


IGCSE Exam Guru 

IGCSE Exam Guru is a straightforward resource website for IGCSE students. They have a list of all the subjects offered by IGCSE with their respective past year papers. Check them out here.


How to fully utilize the IGCSE Past papers?

IGCSE Past Papers

1 – The mark scheme 

The mark scheme is released by the official Cambridge Board themselves to aid teachers and candidates. It also indicates the requirements of the examinations and shows how the examiners grade the paper. 


The mark scheme can give students and candidates an insight into how examiners mark and grade them. For instance, there are specific keywords and terms candidates should mention in order to score marks and can spot them in the mark scheme. 


Mark schemes also help students to know where or what they are missing out on in their answers. In other words, students who are struggling with weaker topics can refer to the mark scheme to understand what they have missed out on and close up their knowledge gaps. 


It is also important for students to note that their workings have to be clear and step-by-step. This is because half marks are awarded to steps in between and if you happen to skip these crucial steps, you might only end up getting the answer mark and not the working mark. 


IGCSE Past Papers

2 – Examiners’ notes 

The examiner’s notes or report helps students see some of the common mistakes students make. Additionally, examiners’ notes teach students how they should respond to questions as well as the key points the examiners are looking for in students’ answers. Knowing the common mistakes made by students can help students to avoid making such mistakes and learn the right terms and key points to the answers.


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3 – Pay attention to the structure and format of the paper 

The IGCSE exam papers typically follow a specific format and structure. The past year’s papers are a great way to help students familiarise themselves with the upcoming examination. Knowing the format and structure of the exam papers can help students to relieve any exam stress and feel more confident for their exams. Here are some pointers to guide students through understanding the format of the exam papers. 


  • How is the test paper divided?
  • How much time do you need to delegate to each of the segments?
  • Which segment are you the weakest in and what do they typically test you on? 


There is no specific order to the questions students are attempting, hence by knowing the format of the paper well, students can waste no time and jump straight to the section they are strongest in. This way gives students a headstart and a confidence booster at the start of their examination. 


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4 – Formula sheets 

Especially in subjects like Mathematics and Physics, they provide students with a set of formulas for students to refer to during examination. The most neglected part of any past year’s papers is the formula sheets provided. Why so? The formula sheet is the only thing available to students outside and inside of the examination. Students should make use of the formula sheet to its fullest by referring to it when doing revisions. 


Students can also use the formula sheet as a study method for Mathematics and Physics subjects. The reason is, that students can annotate on their personal formula sheet and refer to it when revising. This helps to build muscle memory as well as allows students to be familiar with the formulas on the formula sheet. Therefore, when given a fresh sheet, students can remember their notes as well as formulas well. 


All in all, IGCSE past year papers can be found through many platforms and offers students many revision benefits.  

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