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What is IGCSE and is it recognized in Singapore?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is modeled after the British General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), but is tailored to a more globally-minded student group. In most schools, students are graded primarily based on their performance on standardized tests administered by a selected testing board.

Cambridge International Examinations and the English Examinations Board are the most well-known. More than seventy different courses, including thirty different languages, are administered by the Cambridge test board. The goal is to make the program accessible to as many students as feasible. They may keep up their studies in their native language because of this.

The IGCSE caters to students of different skill levels by providing both a Core and an Extended curriculum paper for certain topics.

Cambridge IGCSE is an international curriculum that is highly recognized in Singapore and many other schools worldwide.


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Career prospects after IGCSE

Proceeding with the Cambridge/GCE A Levels: After finishing their O Levels at the IGCSE or GCE level, students often go on to the A Levels. You may take the GCE Advanced Level at a community college or sign up as a private student.


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Students also have the option of enrolling in an overseas school that provides the Cambridge A Levels or taking the exams independently. GCE A Level was developed similarly to GCE O Level; both are targeted at local pupils.

Get yourself enrolled at one of Singapore’s Polytechnics: Students who take the GCE O Levels have the same flexibility to attend a Singapore Polytechnic. All of Singapore’s polytechnics welcome IGCSE-educated students. Similar to the GCE O Levels in Singapore, students who have completed the IGCSE will apply via the Direct Admission Exercise.


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Join the IB MYP: In many countries, the IB program comes right after the IGCSE. Another reason is that the IGCSE syllabus is comprehensive and prepares pupils well for transfer to other courses.

They continue their international studies abroad: The IGCSE is accepted as a prerequisite for admission to universities and colleges all around the globe.


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Where can we find the best resources for IGCSE in Singapore?

  1. Tutopiya platform: Tutopiya is the best online learning platform for IGCSE, Singapore, which offer 1-1 individual and group classes. Tutopiya has newly launched its learning platform which has free access to various quizzes based on the subjects. Quiztopiya is an online platform on Tutopiya that provides students with over 50,000 questions vetted and assembled by foreign instructors and experts. Questions on the learning platform are structured similarly to those on previous exams, thus they might serve as useful study aids. Their Online learning platform provides lessons for IGCSE levels in mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics.

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  1. Tiger campus: As one of the best Singapore online learning institutions, Tiger Campus is highly regarded by students and parents alike. They provide online and in-home IGCSE teachers for a variety of levels and courses. Singapore’s Tiger Campus has qualified instructors available to help you with any IGCSE topic.


  1. Smile tutor: SmileTutor is the industry-leading tutoring firm that provides unmatched service. Their services facilitate the efficient, effective, and simple matching of parents, students, and tutors by providing the industry’s most complete tutor database and staffed by experienced coordinators.


The staff at SmileTutor is confident in the transformative potential of education, especially when students have access to the individualized support they need to succeed. These youngsters represent the future of our country and the world in which we live. They take great pleasure in pairing customers with the most appropriate and competent instructors at no cost to the client.


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 IGCSE Exam schedule in Singapore 

Exam time and dates may vary from year to year, to find out 2023’s IGCSE exam schedule click on the link below to get the full timetable with your subject code. 


Where to register for IGCSE exams?

The first thing to do is to register for the exam online.

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Pearson Edexcel are two examples of examination boards. In order to register, you must go online and use the School Exams Registration System. If you want to get information regarding your registration, it’s crucial that you provide a working email address.


The second step is to pay for the exams

The School Registration System lists all examination costs. Payment for your examinations is required before your registration can be finalized.


Penalty charges

Registration is a standard procedure for every test session, regardless of the examining body. Examination registration beyond this deadline may still be possible, however, a late charge will be assessed. The British Council office can provide more details on the late registration penalty costs that may apply to you.


Having trouble updating your entry?

When making modifications to your test registration, please remember that you must go to the Napier Road Center. There will be a service fee associated with this request that is proportional to the user’s level of access.


If you want more details regarding the registration deadline, click the link below:

Registration Deadline

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