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What is the IGCSE curriculum

The IGCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a popular English International curriculum for students who are 14 to 16 years old, with over 70 courses to choose from. The Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel boards of examinations are the two most competitive and well-certified boards of examinations that provide IGCSE.

IGCSE is a two-year program that provides students with the globally valued and recognised Cambridge IGCSE qualifications, part of the Cambridge Secondary 2 stage.

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Why is it important to choose the correct curriculum?

In today's era, technological advancements keep developing rapidly beyond the limits of imagination. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a curriculum that equips students with the ability to adapt to change and learn to unlearn and relearn.

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How can the IGCSE Curriculum help your child

The Cambridge International Certificate of Education (Cambridge ICE) is a group award given to students who take a minimum of seven subjects from one of the five IGCSE curriculum areas:

  • Group 1– Languages
  • Group 2– Humanities
  • Group 3– Sciences
  • Group 4– Maths
  • Group 5– Creative and Vocational

The IGCSE provides a variety of assessment methods, including written, oral, coursework, and practical assessment, giving students more opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension.

In today's environment of increased uncertainty, the IGCSE curriculum equips pupils with the skills and learning practices necessary to successfully confront impending problems.

Some essential life skills the IGCSE curriculum help students develop:
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Time Management
  • Effective communication skills
  • Collaboration that transcend geographical boundaries and embrace different cultures
  • Analytical skills
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership
  • Creativity and imagination

The Cambridge Advanced stage, which includes Cambridge International AS, A-Levels, Cambridge Pre-U, and other progression pathways, is well prepared by the IGCSE curriculum. For learners at this level, it integrates the finest in international education. It adapts to changing demands and is updated and expanded on a regular basis.

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What is the significance of IGCSE Tuition?

Tuition, in general, aids students in subject comprehension, confidence building, and the development of important learning skills. Individualised attention, which is difficult to come by in a crowded classroom, is possible with private tutoring.

Tuition enables children who struggle to keep up with their peers as well as those who thrive academically to do even better and to use the extra resources, revision, and time obtained to develop new talents.

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What an IGCSE tuition center can do for your child's future job after IGCSE

IGCSE Tuition, in particular, supports students in evaluating the aforementioned talents and establishing competencies that enable them to thrive in both their personal and professional lives. It also adequately prepares them for the Cambridge Advanced stage, which includes Cambridge Pre-U, Cambridge International AS, A-Levels, and other opportunities for development.

IGCSE Tuition


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Reasons to pick Tutopiya for IGCSE tuition

When looking for the best tuition provider to teach your child, you may wonder, "How do I find the best IGCSE tuition facility near me?" Tutopiya is the obvious choice because we are just a click away.

Tutopiya has a lot of expertise in dealing with IGCSE students and has all of the most current and effective resources.

Tutopiya is a purpose-built, cutting-edge online classroom platform with the most up-to-date features, as well as a network of the most verified, trained, and experienced online private instructors who are now educating hundreds of students in over 25 countries.

Tutopiya is the best option since we stand out for a variety of reasons.

Virtual and Personal Learning Experience

1-1 Tutoring

Tutopiya offers a unique one-on-one learning experience that allows you to teach your kid whenever and wherever you choose, utilising approaches that are tailored to your child's specific requirements.

Learning from the convenience of your own home

No time and money wasted travelling or even getting ready

Interactive and live

Students are able to ask and get answers to all their questions on the spot.

Tailor-made and personalised lessons for your child

Tutopiya evaluates each student and designs a successful curriculum that is tailored to their attention span, interests, and abilities.

Flexible schedule

Lessons can be adjusted anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to as little as 30 minutes, depending on your schedule and convenience.

Assistance with homework

Receive homework support for daily assignments - 30 mins for 4 days per week!

Outstanding Tutor Base

Experienced and highly qualified Tutors

Tutopiya tutors have earned degrees from some of the world's most prestigious universities and have extensive experience coaching students to improve their grades. They have also gone through our strict screening and hiring process.

Long and robust student-tutor relationship

Familiarity can be an important factor in a student’s learning. Unless a change is requested, students will have the same tutor for the long term in order to maintain the tutor-student bond.

Extensive and strict selection process

Tutopiya Tutors go through a 72-hour-long selection process to ensure the highest quality for our students.

Tutopiya training process

Our Tutors go through a broad training program to learn about Tutopiya's standards, fundamental values, and learning platform, as well as ongoing orientation programs to learn about specific students and their needs.

Tutopiya guarantees that the tutor has the necessary credentials for IGCSE and is an expert in the subject area.

Tutopiya assures that the Tutor has the credentials required for IGCSE and that they are specialists in the subject

Tutor Evaluation and Feedback

Our tutors receive ongoing training and orientations in response to changing consumer needs and feedback.

Tutopiya is a one-of-a-kind and exclusive educational platform

Online classroom that is both interactive and contemporary

Tutopiya is a purpose-built state-of-the-art online classroom platform with the most up-to-date features that are always evolving to meet the needs of customers and tutors.

Sharing of materials

Students and tutors can freely exchange information (questions, assessments, and worksheets) on the site.

Recorded lesson history

The platform allows you to record courses for later reference or review, ensuring that each session is beneficial.

No missed classes

If a tutor is sick or on vacation, Tutopiya will send a replacement tutor.

Free Resources

  • FREE 60-minute individual trial session, including an evaluation and a personalised study plan to target the student’s weaknesses and knowledge gaps.
  • Question bank & past paper database - Exclusive unrestricted access for our students to practice!
  • Complete IGCSE Exam Preparation & Revision Course
  • IGCSE Resources
  • IGCSE subject specialists
  • Free Exam Papers
  • Homework help
  • Free essays
  • Essay writing help

Customer Service and Privacy

Tracked progress

A student’s progress is recorded, and an evaluation/feedback is sent to parents after each class.

Customer Service

Tutopiya has a committed team that is available at all times to assist clients with their service or online classroom platform needs.

Customer Feedback

Tutopiya's learning platform and services go through careful monitoring and improvement to guarantee that all client demands are satisfied, thus each review and feedback goes through a stringent procedure to assure high standards.


Tutopiya values the privacy of its students, and the online classroom portal is meant to create a secure learning environment for them.


Cost Effective

Prices in each nation are based on local market values. Many subject combinations under the same package. Enquire today with no commitment.

Customisable packages

Tutopiya provides a customisable price plan that allows you to choose the number of lessons you want in the package.

Learn whenever you want

The multiple subject package allows students to select from a variety of IGCSE disciplines, such as English and Maths, as well as several IGCSE expert teachers.

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Subjects offered by Tutopiya

  • IGCSE Mathematics
  • IGCSE Additional Mathematics
  • IGCSE English Language
  • IGCSE English Literature
  • IGCSE Chemistry
  • IGCSE Biology
  • IGCSE Physics
  • IGCSE Coordinated Sciences
  • IGCSE Economics
  • IGCSE Business Studies
  • IGCSE ICT (Computer Science)
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Who Are Our Tutors

Tutopiya’s IGCSE Tutors graduated from some of the world's most prestigious universities and are highly experienced in teaching Biology, Economics, and all other Cambridge/Edexcel IGCSE Subjects.

Interested in a Cambridge/Edexcel IGCSE tutor?
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Trusted by Students from these IGCSE Schools Worldwide


  • Anglo-Chinese School (International)
  • Australian International School (AIS)
  • Dover Court International School
  • DPS International School
  • Tanglin Trust School
  • Dulwich College
  • EtonHouse International School
  • GEMS World Academy
  • Global Indian International School
  • Hwa Chong International School (HCIS)
  • UWC South East Asia
  • St Joseph’s Institution International School
  • Insworld Institute
  • Middleton International
  • Nexus International School
  • NPS International School
  • One World International School
  • Overseas Family School


  • GEMS Schools UAE
  • Aldaar Academies
  • The British International School Abu Dhabi

Hong Kong

  • Canadian International School of Hong Kong
  • The Chinese International School
  • English Schools Foundation


  • The British International School of Kuala Lumpur
  • Marlborough College Malaysia
  • The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)
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How Does Our Online Tuition Work?

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Truly International

Tutopiya is an online classroom that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Tutopiya makes e-tuition available to everyone, with all packages tailored to the needs of our students. We are, without a doubt, a worldwide tuition agency.

Our enthusiastic and committed coordinators deliver exceptional e-tuition to you, whether you are in Singapore or elsewhere.

We take pleasure in being a part of our clients’ journey from the beginning, ensuring that they have access to the best private tuition available.

Our skilled support staff and student coordinators at Tutopiya recognise the importance of finding the ideal private tutor for our clients to have the best experience.

Our private lessons, which cover both Singapore and International curricula, are interactive and live, providing a dynamic yet safe learning environment.

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