IGCSE Maths and Science revision with Quiztopiya

Tutopiya has recently announced the launch of a platform, ‘Quiztopiya’, an online question bank designed for students. The online question bank platform is designed to help students with their IGCSE maths and science revision. The Tutopiya Resource Library was also launched in conjunction with Quiztopiya, allowing students to have access to learning resources that can aid in their IGCSE maths and science revision. 


What is Quiztopiya?

Quiztopiya is an online platform on Tutopiya that offers students 20 000 questions curated and put together by experienced international tutors and teachers. The questions that students find on Quiztopiya are similar to the past paper structure of questions hence able to provide students additional practice. The subjects that Quiztopiya is offering are IGCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. 


The Quiztopiya platform: Features

On the Quiztopiya platform, students will be able to find a list of topics and subtopics curated according to specific curriculums. Students can attempt the quiz an unlimited number of times and each new attempt give rise to a new set of questions. The quizzes are sorted by three levels of difficulty, Easy, Medium, and Hard. The structure of the quiz is a four-option MCQ, and students can even find step-by-step solutions to questions that they are not sure about. Upon the completion of the quiz, the quiz is automatically marked and scored, allowing students to know their results instantly. 

Quiztopiya has over 60 subtopics worth of quizzes and each quiz is available with paper 2 and paper 4 questions to suit the different paper structures. We also have questions specifically targeted at scientific or graphic calculator skills. 

Additionally, a new feature has been added: The Progress Tracker for parents. Tutopiya focuses on engaging parents with their children’s learning progress, hence Quiztopiya has recently introduced this feature to keep parents involved. 

Tutopiya aims to offer students a platform to better prepare students for their IGCSE examinations through thousands of curated and readily available practice questions. 


Watch a video on Quiztopiya here! 


Tutopiya Resource Library 

Launched together with Quiztopiya, Tutopiya’s Resource Library aims to help students with their revision and exam preparation. The Resource Library contains more than just IGCSE resources, but also other curricula resources such as the IB PYP, MYP, and DP, as well as the Singapore National Curriculum. The Resource Library has a wide range of resources for subjects such as Biology, Economics, Physics, and Mathematics. With such a huge variety of curriculums and subjects, the Resource Library can be an extremely useful tool for students to go through key concepts or find additional practices. 


How to Get Access to Quiztopiya and the Resource Library?

To celebrate the launch of both platforms, for a limited time, Tutopiya will provide free practice quizzes and answers to those who sign up for a trial. Additionally, students will be able to enjoy Quiztopiya for a limited time for those who register for a Group Revision program or online 1-to-1 maths tuition package with Tutopiya. 

For the Resource Library, students will be able to access it for free for a limited amount upon signing up for an account with Tutopiya. It is also available via the Tutopiya mobile application. 


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Tutopiya consistently ensures that the content offered to students on the platform is current and up-to-date, thoroughly researched, and verified. The content is also vetted by multiple quality and experienced controllers through a strict quality control process. Tutopiya hopes to continue to bring accessibility to students around the world and extend its reach to parents and students seeking IGCSE maths and science tuition in Singapore. 

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