Why IGCSE model exam questions are just as important as past papers

igcse exam questions

IGCSE model exam questions are structured differently from the official IGCSE exam questions. However, they are closely aligned to the official IGCSE exam questions, so why not use them as extra practice? 


Let’s explore why IGCSE model exam questions are just as important as the real thing. 


igcse exam questions

Same level of difficulty 

Before thinking that practicing on model questions that are not similar to the IGCSE exam questions, think again. Model exam questions are modeled exactly to meet the same level of difficulty. Many curated model exam questions follow the guidelines of the official IGCSE questions, making them perfect for practice.

For instance, Tutopiya’s recently launched Quiztopiya offers this assessment. Questions are adapted from official exam questions and modified to provide students with additional practice. The questions available on the platform have different levels of difficulty, all aligned with the range of difficulty offered in the exam. 


igcse exam questions

Tests and strengthens student’s fundamental knowledge 

Doing additional practice will no doubt test and strengthen students’ fundamental knowledge. It helps students to check their understanding and identify any weak areas in their knowledge. Especially with IGCSE model questions, students practice according to the official IGCSE assessment. 


Test student’s flexibility 

IGCSE model exam questions can be structured differently from the actual exam questions. Hence doing them can test students’ flexibility. Exam questions are structured in a very specific way and students can easily get used to the structure after several practices. Model exam questions can test students’ ability to adapt and really test students’ knowledge. As such, a simple twig in the question can easily confuse students. Hence, practicing a range of exercises can really help students to check their understanding and be quick to adapt to the questions. 


igcse exam questions

Targetted practice 

IGCSE model exam questions are typically categorized by topics. This way, students can pick the respective topics they wish to do extra practice on and work on them specifically. Targeted practice questions help students to narrow down their scope and focus on the weak areas. With Quiztopiya, questions are categorized by topic and then difficulty to help students through the concept. Students get access to a series of model exam questions on a specific topic and the freedom to choose the level of difficulty they wish to attempt the questions. 


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Guided solution to model exam questions 

Though the IGCSE College Board uploads past year exam papers for students to practice on, they do not upload step-by-step solutions. However, with model exam questions, students can find guided solutions to the respective questions. A guided solution is always handy as it makes verifying answers easier. Students who have trouble answering can look for a guided solution to help them out. Knowing the right solution to the question helps students to save time looking for the answer. It also helps students to quickly identify if their understanding is correct. 

Having the solution on hand provides plenty of benefits for students, especially convenience. Students can comfortably rely on the answers and put the effort into answering them. Additionally, students can refer to the model solution to find out what they have missed out on and go back to it again in the future. 



With Quiztopiya, students now can have unlimited access to model exam questions curated by IGCSE subject specialists. These questions are also regularly checked and updated to ensure that it aligns with the current IGCSE syllabus. Quiztopiya also offers a range of difficulties that are aligned to the IGCSE assessment criteria. Moreover, these questions have solutions to them, making the learning experience even more well-rounded. 


Watch a video introduction to Quiztopiya! 



All in all, model exam questions are closely aligned with the official IGCSE exam questions, so there’s certainly nothing to fret about doing them! There are only so many past year exam papers that are relevant to your current syllabus that you can do. Therefore, these model exam questions are a great source of additional practice that reflects the same assessment criteria as IGCSE. 

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