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Cambridge IGCSE

  • -Number
  • -Algebra
  • -Functions
  • -Coordinate Geometry
  • -Geometry
  • -Vectors and Transformations
  • -Mensuration
  • -Trigonometry
  • -Sets
  • -Probability
  • -Statistics
  • -Calculator Skills

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry

  • -Chemical Reactions
  • -Experimental Techniques
  • -Stoichiometry
  • -The Particulate Nature of Matter
  • -Electricity and Chemistry
  • -Chemical Energetics
  • -Atoms, Elements and Compounds
  • -Organic Chemistry
  • -Acids, Bases and Salts
  • -The Periodic Table
  • -Metals
  • -Air and Water
  • -Sulfur
  • -Carbonates
  • -Alternative to Practical

Cambridge IGCSE Biology

  • -Biological Molecules
  • -Enzymes
  • -Plant Nutrition
  • -Human Nutrition
  • -Reproduction
  • -Transport in Plants
  • -Coordination and Response
  • -Inheritance
  • -Variation and Selection
  • -Drugs
  • -Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  • -Human Influences on Ecosystems
  • -Organisms and their Environment
  • -Transport in Animals
  • -Diseases and Immunity
  • -Gas Exchange in Humans
  • -Excretion in Humans
  • -Respiration
  • -Alternative to Practical
  • -Characteristics and -Classification of Living -Organisms
  • -Organization of the Organism Movement in and out of Cells

Cambridge IGCSE Physics

  • -Properties of Waves, including
  • -Light and Sound
  • -Thermal Physics
  • -General Physics
  • -Atomic Physics
  • -Electricity and Magnetism
  • -Alternative to Practical
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