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Preparing for IGCSE exams isn’t an easy plan for all students despite how many extra classes they have attended or how many times they’ve studied the same material over and over again.

Spending hours practicing past papers while setting targets on the clock might sound like you and you know how it could lead to experiencing “information overload” in your brain, therefore one way to escape having to read a huge number of pages is to use a range of sources to study. Having colorful and carefully illustrated lesson courses has been revealed to be more beneficial for students.


A great way to get a head start and say bye to overwhelming study time is to include Youtube in your study plan. Yes, youtube!


How is Youtube beneficial to me and my IGCSE exams?

Youtube isn’t only made for entertainment purposes. With many people using the platform to showcase their individuality, Youtube is an amazing academic resource for your IGCSE exam prep. You can have lessons presented to you with comprehensive revision. So, whether you are looking for general guidance or specified support, these Youtube channels have all you need to ace the IGCSE exams.



Tutopiya is not only an online learning platform that is for students. We are more than a community of young learners and educational experts. Our Youtube channel is a master class on the go! With a personalized touch, our video classes highlight topics related to 10+ subjects. The lessons are designed and voiced in a manner that engages you. Are you looking for tips and hints to get you well-prepared for your IGCSE exams? Head over to our Youtube channel.

We also cover aspects of practical exams in relation to science subjects that are briefed and easy to remember. Basics of coding, Algebra, introduction to numbers, coordination, and response ate a few of the lessons you’d find on our youtube channel. We are just a click away!


  1. MEGA lecture!

This youtube channel is for all of you who are struggling with science subjects. Even though it does have content on Economics, most of the content is on Chemistry and Physics. As you navigate through the list of videos, you’d see that they do give a breakdown through past paper practice with a clear indication of your paper code, year, and the exam series. If you are struggling to understand what kinematics is, measurements and units, and other related topics you should explore this.


You would find animations incorporated within the explanations along with a topic-based MCQ array that you can rehearse and evaluate yourself. Additionally, a few of the lessons you’d come across are; Atomic bonding, variation, selection, practical paper discussions, etc… you should give this channel a go. The videos are not too long and boring-remember that this channel is very consistent with videos that are uploaded every other day of the week which helps you big time to stay up to date with your constant revision. Your virtual physics class is on with the MEGA lecture.


3)Cambridge in 5 minutes

This is one of the most visited learning youtube channels amongst IGCSE students who are looking for a quick revision time. This community of developers aims to guide you through the fundamentals of sciences. You would find neat presentation slides, and animations incorporated into the lessons. As a bonus, topic-based MCQ questions are also brought to your attention. A list of lessons you’d come across this channel variation and selection, heart structure, common mistakes to avoid when answering, and many more. This is your perfect fit if you are looking for more clarity with Biology.


4) Kauser wise

Kauser Wise is a tutoring youtube channel led by Mrs. Kauser herself. As an expert with strong knowledge over years of experience, she invites students to explore logical thinking and operations in the subject area of Accounting. In this channel, you’d discuss what statistics are, financial accounting, etc…

The importance of focusing is rather a must when you are preparing for IGCSE exams, and as humans when you feel exhausted with reading and writing, making use of free online communities as above helps to improve your productivity in the long run.

In conclusion, the IGCSE exams can be a daunting experience, but with the help of the right resources, students can prepare themselves thoroughly and confidently. YouTube channels are an excellent source of learning for students, and the top four channels mentioned above offer comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, engaging video lessons, and helpful tips and tricks.

By incorporating these channels into their study routine, students can enhance their understanding of the subjects and improve their exam performance. So, give these channels a try and see how they can help you excel in your IGCSE exams!

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