Guide to choosing the best online tuition app

Though there are no said rules to choosing the best online tuition app for your child’s education, there are still numerous factors to consider. Some of these factors can narrow down your choices and find the best of the best in the bunch. 

Online tuition app

Online tuition app

Guide to choosing the best online tuition app

1 – User-friendly interface 

A good online tuition app should be easy to navigate and user-friendly. The basic functionality should be present and the app should not be cluttered. 

2 – Brings even more convenience for students and parents 

The online tuition app should bring more convenience and not add to the tediousness. The application should include functions that can be used on mobile and incorporate the basic functions that the web version gives. Moreover, it should be seamless and easy to use and navigate in the application. 

3 – Incorporates features that the mobile device can support 

Thanks to the advancement of technology, mobile phones can now perform the same functions as compared to using a laptop. Hence, the online tuition app should utilize the advancement of mobile technology and enhance the application. For instance, uploading assignments and documents should be a feature on your online tuition app. 


What Tutopiya brings to the table for your child as an online tuition app

Since its establishment, Tutopiya has always prioritized the learning quality that students get on our platform. Besides all the well-known benefits of online tuition, such as the convenience and ease of accessibility it provides, here are some benefits that Tutopiya is able to provide for your child’s learning. 

Online tuition app: Tutopiya 

Besides being an online presence, Tutopiya also has an online tuition app. The app helps students to use our service on the go. The online tuition app provides students the ability to: 

  • Submit and upload assignments, 
  • Reschedule a class
  • Book a class
  • Enter a class 
  • Display the upcoming classes, and assignments due


The online tuition app that we rolled out was to allow students to have access to our service even on the go. Students can check for upcoming classes and assignments submission. Students can easily reschedule, book, and enter a class on the go too with the online tuition app. This also brings ease of communication should the student be late or unable to make it to class since they do not need a laptop to access the class and communicate with their tutors. It is always much more convenient when you can access it through your mobile device. 

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Well curated resources that meet the syllabus requirement of your curriculum 

For tuition classes, our team of subject specialists has curated and designed materials to be used for tuition classes with Tutopiya. Our subject specialists monitor the syllabus of the curriculum regularly and curate materials that are up-to-date and useful for students learning. Tutopiya also recently launched Quiztopiya which is an online resource bank for students to use for their IGCSE exams. The questions that are found within the resource bank are also designed and curated by tutors and experts who are experienced in the IGCSE curriculum. These questions are designed to help students of different levels and help to provide additional materials to enhance their revision sessions. Our learning materials are regularly vetted to ensure that the syllabus is up to date and that they are still relevant to the curriculum. 


Online tuition app

Interactive and intuitive learning platform

Tutopiya’s lessons are conducted on an in-house built learning platform. This learning platform is a whiteboard designed specifically to meet the needs of an online tuition environment. The whiteboard is equipped with tools that are specific for teaching and learning. For instance, there is an embedded grid paper for teachers to draw and label their graphs clearly. There are also tools to allow easy upload of documents as well as easy download of resources. The whiteboard is also shared between the tutor and students where both can concurrently use the whiteboard to interact. There are many more features that the whiteboard can perform, to improve the learning experience for the students. 


Online tuition app

Challenges that Tutopiya helps with 

Aside from the challenges faced by physical tuition, such as the inconvenience of traveling and the high costs of several online tuition agencies, here are some challenges that Tutopiya managed to curb and bring our parents and students the best online learning experience. 


The search for an experienced tutor that meets your needs 

Your child will be able to meet a tutor that meets their learning needs and style with Tutopiya. There are only so many options and choices you can choose for physical tuition. Oftentimes, the location of the tutor limits you. It can take you hours to travel to your tutor’s home. Otherwise, you will be forking a large sum of money for them to travel to you. It is neither cost-effective nor time-efficient this way. However, since Tutopiya is an online tuition platform, specializing in matching our well-trained tutors to students’ learning needs and requirements, your chances of finding a tutor that best fits your child’s needs are much higher. We eliminate the issue of location and travel and furthermore enhance your chances of finding the most suitable tutor for your child. 


Ability to have specialized tutors for different subjects in school

The cost of hiring a physical tutor is already high by itself. Hence many tutors offer services in a bulk to earn more. For instance, they offer to teach your children three subjects for a lower price. As compared to hiring three different tutors for the different subjects, choosing them as your only tutor, is attractive and cost-effective. However, not all English specialized tutors are Math specialists too. Hence, your child could be receiving quality English tuition but not so much when it comes to Mathematics. Tutopiya, however, offers parents and children the freedom to choose different specialized tutors for different subjects in school, and guess what! It does not cost more than physically hiring three different tutors. 


In a nutshell, Tutopiya is constantly revamping and reinventing itself to better our service for our students. We always ensure that the students receive quality online education, get the best resources, and have the best experience with Tutopiya. Tutopiya also offers free trial lessons for new students who sign up as well as existing students who are looking to enroll in a new subject. Should you have any questions or need help with signup, our experts are just one chat away! Talk to us today! 

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