50 Fun Indoor and Outdoor Activities for Kids This Summer

Summer Activities for Kids and Families: 50 Indoor and Outdoor Budget Friendly Activities

Summer is a magical time for families, as kids are home, stress free from exams and excited about the new academic year. But one major challenge that parents face during holiday season is keeping kids engaged and entertained, while nurturing their creativity at the same time. 


During my school days, as the elder sibling, I vividly remember planning new activities for myself and my little sister, which involved our parents too, so that we could bond as a family during holidays. I remember one particular afternoon. The sun was blazing, and we were on the brink of a meltdown. 


So, we decided to turn our backyard into a mini water park. We used a garden hose and an inflatable pool, teamed up with some fresh fruit coolers, and we laughed and splashed in water for hours and created beautiful memories as a family. 


Well, kids have a short attention span and their mind needs a variety of activities to kill the boredom and learn some hands-on skills, all while creating cherished memories with the family during summers. So, let’s dive into these 50 exciting summer activities, which will definitely turn the boring summer holidays into an unforgettable experience!

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Summer Activities for Kids Indoor Activities:

Name of activity



What to do?

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Encourages exploration and observation skills.

Ensure safe areas, check for ticks. Stay hydrated.

Make a list of items for kids to find, like specific leaves, rocks, or bugs.

Picnic in the Park

Promotes family bonding and outdoor enjoyment.

Bring sunscreen and plenty of water.

Pack a picnic basket with favorite snacks and enjoy a meal together in a park. Play board games, card games, etc.

Gardening Together

Teaches responsibility and biology.

Use children-safe gardening tools.

Plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs and watch them grow.

Outdoor Movie Night

Combines entertainment with fresh air.

Protect kids against insects

Set up a projector and screen in your backyard/terrace for a movie night under the stars.

Create a DIY Water Park

Cool and active play.

Ensure safe use of water toys and equipment.

Set up sprinklers, slip-n-slides, and small pools for a backyard water park.

Creating a Nature Journal

Encourages observation and recording skills

Use durable materials for outdoor journaling

Document plants, animals, and experiences in a nature journal

Outdoor Yoga and Meditation

Promotes relaxation and mindfulness

Use a flat, safe area and proper techniques.

Take guidance from a certified instructor.

Practice yoga and meditation outdoors with a family-friendly routine

Outdoor Photography

Enhances observation and creativity

Supervise young children with cameras

Go on a photo walk and capture the beauty of nature

Rock Climbing

Builds physical strength and confidence

Use proper safety gear and supervision

Find a local climbing gym or safe outdoor climbing area

Outdoor Art Day

Encourages creativity and appreciation for nature

Use eco-friendly, non-toxic art supplies

Create nature-inspired artwork in your balcony or terrace during evenings.

Kite Making and Flying

Enhances creativity and provides physical exercise

Use safe strings to be attached in kites

Craft homemade kites using sticks, paper, and string, then spend the afternoon flying them on your terrace or an open field.

Shadow art

Encourages creativity and understanding of light and shadow

Supervise the use of materials

Use objects like toys or leaves to create shadow outlines on paper with the help of the sun, then color in the shadows.

Treasure Mapping

Enhances navigation and map-reading skills

Ensure the area is safe and familiar

Create a detailed map of your house or a local park and hide small treasures for kids to find using the map

Outdoor Herbarium Creation

Teaches plant identification and preservation techniques

Use safe, non-toxic plants and supervise tool use.

Collect various leaves and flowers, press them between heavy books, and create a beautifully preserved collection in a homemade herbarium

DIY Solar Oven Cooking

Teaches about solar energy and basic cooking skills

Supervise the construction and use of the solar oven to avoid burns

Build a simple solar oven using a pizza box, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap, then cook s’mores or other simple treats using the sun’s energy.

Holidays are the best time to deepen our family bonds. Therefore, below are some Family Bonding Activities:

Name of activity



What to do?

Game Night

Strengthens family ties and fun

Choose games suitable for all ages

Play board games, card games, or video games together

Family Book Club

Encourages reading and discussion

Select age-appropriate books

Choose a book to read and discuss as a family

Volunteer Together

Teaches empathy and community service

Select safe & interesting volunteering opportunities

Participate in community clean-ups, food drives, or other volunteer activities

Family Photoshoot

Creates lasting memories

Choose safe & beautiful locations

Take turns being the photographer and capture candid family moments

Cooking a Family Recipe

Preserves family traditions

Supervise kitchen activities

Prepare a traditional family recipe together

Family Talent Show

Builds confidence and is entertaining

Ensure safe use of props

Showcase talents like singing, dancing, or magic tricks

Home Improvement Projects

Teaches DIY skills and teamwork

Use tools safely and supervise children

Work on projects like painting a room or revamping an old piece of furniture, or even organizing wardrobes.

Puzzle Night

Enhances problem-solving skills

Choose age-appropriate puzzles

Spend an evening completing a large jigsaw puzzle together

Family Tree Project

Enhances family history knowledge and strengthens connections across generations

Ensure all family members’ information is handled respectfully

Create a family tree together, gathering stories, photos, and anecdotes from relatives to trace your family’s history

Cultural Exchange Day

Broadens cultural understanding and appreciation

Respect all cultures and traditions

Choose a different culture to celebrate each weekend, preparing traditional foods, wearing traditional clothing, and learning about customs and traditions

Summer Outdoor Activities

Unique and Budget-friendly activities:

Name of activity



What to do?

Library Visit

Access to books and educational resources

Follow library rules and guidelines

Spend a day exploring books and participating in library programs.


Teaches about astronomy

Choose a safe & clear spot

Spend a night looking at the stars and identifying constellations.

Nature Walk

Encourages exploration and exercise

Stay on safe paths and wear appropriate footwear

Take a walk in a nearby nature reserve or park

Family Game of Charades

Enhances creativity and teamwork

Keep the game friendly and fun

Play charades using simple household items or create your own cards.

Host a Potluck with Friends

Social interaction and sharing

Ensure food safety and hygiene

Invite friends over and ask each family to bring a dish to share.

Homemade Ice Cream Party

Teaches basic cooking skills and provides a fun treat

Ensure usage of safe items and keep kids away from kitchen equipments

Make homemade ice cream using simple ingredients and have an ice cream party with various toppings and flavors

DIY Wind Chimes

Encourages creativity and fine motor skills

Use safe materials and supervise tool use

Collect natural items like shells, sticks, and stones, and string them together to create unique wind chimes to hang outside

Bird Watching

Teaches about local wildlife and promotes patience

Use a field guide or app for bird identification

Spend time in a park or backyard observing and identifying different bird species with binoculars and a bird guide.

Neighborhood Bingo

Encourages observation and social interaction

Supervise children and ensure safe walking routes

Create bingo cards with items you might see in your neighborhood, like a red door, a bird feeder, or a friendly dog, and go on a walk to find them.

Cloud Storytelling

Enhances imagination and storytelling skills

Ensure a quiet and focused environment

Take turns making up stories based on the shapes you see in the clouds. For example, a cloud that looks like a dragon can inspire a tale about a mythical dragon adventure.

In conclusion, the summer holidays are an excellent opportunity to learn new skills, create memories and bond with family. With a plethora of activities and resources available, the kids can avail and keep themselves entertained and mentally charged during this golden time!


Let’s embrace the upcoming summer season with open hearts and minds! As the memories we create today are the stories we shall cherish tomorrow. 


Happy Summers!

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