Summer Fun And Learning: Explore, Create, Make Friends at Summertopiya 2024!

Learning, creativity and networking in Summer for IGCSE students



It takes your mind to long, sunny days, fresh lemonade, endless possibilities for adventure, and plenty of sunscreen!


But with so much time off, it’s difficult to keep yourself engaged and entertained. 

While traditional summer camps offer a wonderful experience, they might not be a perfect fit for everyone. 


Here at Tutopiya, we’ve coloured your summer with an online summer camp – Summertopiya 2024!


Featuring carefully structured and creative courses for all age groups, this edition of Summertopiya is bound to allow exploration in different fields, develop valuable skills, encourage new friendships, and make for a zesty summer holiday! 


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Why choose an Online Summer Camp - Summertopiya?

Summertopiya offers a variety of benefits for students and parents alike. 

  • Flexibility: Summertopiya’s courses will be conducted during the weekends, allowing both students and parents to engage in familial activities throughout the summer while students have fun and learn at the same time. 

  • Accessibility: The courses are accessible to all students around the world!

  • Wider Range of Interests: The courses cater to a vast array of interests, from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to arts and DIY projects, robotics and coding, creative writing, and business etiquette. And the best part is that there are enough courses for students of all ages!

  • Safety and Comfort: For students who are apprehensive about enrolling in traditional classes, Summertopiya offers a far more familiar and comfortable environment—the comfort of your own home! Parents find comfort in the fact that such stimulating activities are delivered right to their doorstep. 

  • Cost-Effective: Courses at Summertopiya have been made accessible and affordable to students around the world. No transport or camping gear necessary! 

Summertopiya allows you to have fun while learning, taking you outside the confines of the classroom. 

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Learn From Home, Make Friends Worldwide: Safe & Fun Online Summer Camp (Summertopiya 2024)

Worried you won’t get the best pick? 

Tutopiya’s got you covered with recipes for all ages. From your first graders to high schoolers, we’ve got a special concoction just for you. 

Age Groups: 

  • Tiny Trailblazers (Ages 6 -10)

  • Teen Trailblazers (Ages 11 – 15) 

  • Trailblazing Titans (Ages 16 – 20) 

And just to suit your palette, we’ve got courses that cover all your cravings. From grinding math mingle to creative writing to kitchen chemistry and Animal Safari in Zootopia. 

To add to the fun, we’ve also got some activities to rev up your creativity. With cartoon drawing and mini crafts. So be sure to keep your pencils sharpened and your coloured paper stacked.  

To flare up the neon signs in our teens, we’ve got some mind-numbing concoctions for you. 

Robotics and engineering for our techsavvy geeks, and even coding to provide a bit of challenge. Not to mention the artsy sessions in calligraphy and baking. Just remember to turn off your ovens!

Don’t think we forgot about our high schoolers and future scholars. Making a choice about your careers can be quite intimidating. 

But fear not, for Summertopiya offers content on business and interview etiquette, improving communication skills, and giving you a glimpse into the corporate world. 

Summertopiya’s Career Navigator will also assist you in making career assessments, giving you insights into various industries and how they thrive and function in this modern world. 

But that’s not all your summer is supposed to be. We’ve also got some leisure activities that can ignite your inner artist. With our filmmaking class, you’re bound to explore your abilities to capture cinematic expression and document digital memories with flare. 

Summertopiya has got flavours and toppings for everyone! 

Learning, creativity and networking in Summer for IGCSE students

My Summer Bucket List needs filling!

Why wait? 

Summertopiya is ready to welcome you! 

And the process has been made easy. Just access our webpage and sign up on the form.

Test your spontaneity with us by selecting the best suited package that revs up your summer spirit!

Let’s get our shades on!


1. What is Summertopiya?

Summertopiya is an Online Summer Camp by Tutopiya. It provides summer courses that aid in developing essential life skills, time-management, and career development. 

2. What platforms does Summertopiya use? 

The Tutopiya Student Platforms can be accessed once you sign up. The sessions are conducted via Zoom. 

3. What makes Summertopiya unique?

Summertopiya offers a wide range of courses for different age groups. The sessions are conducted online and can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

4. Can students join sessions in Summertopiya from anywhere? 

Yes, Summertopiya has been made accessible to students across the globe. No matter the country or time zone, Summertopiya’s got a concoction just for you. 

5. When does Summertopiya commence? 

Summertopiya’s first sessions – for all age groups – will commence on the 29th of June 2024.

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