Pros and Cons of Online Tuition: Online Tuition VS Private Tuition

online tuition

As technology advances, we are no longer shying away from all the online opportunities that await us. Though there was a level of skepticism surrounding online tuition, it is slowly fading away with more parents and students becoming more reliant on it. Here are some pros and cons to online tuition and why you can still consider online tuition over private tuition. 


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Pros and cons of online tuition 

online tuition

1 – Convenience 

You barely need anything else if you have a laptop and wifi connection for your online lesson. Your notes can be written online, resources can be found online, and even your lessons can be saved for revisiting. Online tuition brings so much convenience to students as well as parents. Students can learn now from the comfort of their own homes or study areas to maximize their learning experience. Whereas parents can save time by sending and fetching their children from their private tuition. 


online tuition

2 – Accessible 

The internet makes everything more accessible with just a click. Online tuition is hence able to be so accessible with the help of the internet. You can attend your classes online anywhere physically as long as you are connected to the internet. Which makes it so accessible for students around the world to receive quality tuition from the best tuition provider and tutors now than ever. The limitations of finding a qualified and suitable tutor privately are hence reduced and removed with online tuition. 


online tuition

3 – Finding the right tutor 

Online tuition platforms allow you to find the most suitable online tutor. Why so? There are many tutor profiles online and factors such as location and travel time need not be considered. Compared to online tuition, you will need to spend time to find a tutor with the right qualifications, that stays near to you and preferably with experience with the curriculum and subject for private tuition. 


Being online allows you to select from a pool of tutors, a much larger pool of tutors as compared to finding it physically. Hence, the chances of finding the right tutor for you online are much larger than physically. 


online tuition

4 – Advance in online learning skills 

The pandemic has opened doors to more possibilities and opportunities with the internet. We have many new and emerging online platforms that are educational and useful such as Skillshare, Coursera, and more. These online learning platforms are here to stay and will continue to be heavily utilized by schools and companies. Therefore, starting your journey early helps you to be familiar with the e-learning environment and become a flexible learner. 


online tuition

5 – Flexible time management 

Online tuition also offers students flexibility in their time, allowing them to incorporate time management skills into their regime. It also offers students a customizable lesson schedule since your class is just one click away! Whereas, private tuition is usually a fixed schedule, depriving students of time flexibility. 

With online tuition, you not only can manage your schedule, but you can also easily reschedule lessons with your tutor. It is also easier to schedule extra lessons as you can verify and book your tutor’s slots on the platform seamlessly. 


Cons of Online Tuition 


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1 – Online Tuition might not be everybody’s cup of tea 

Just like how some of us still prefer to handwrite our notes over digitally writing them, online tuition might not be everybody’s preferred choice of learning. If online tuition is not for you, it can result in lower productivity and efficiency which will, in turn, disrupt your learning process. Therefore, it is important to know your own learning style and habits. If you have tried it out and it is unfortunately not for you, you should not force yourself to continue. Alternatively, you can start slow and incorporate online lessons every now and then, and change what you need to, to become productive and efficient when learning online. 


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2 – Online Tuition may cause social isolation 

Online tuition will mean meeting your tutor online all the time, your interactions with your tutor will also be virtual. To some, it can be intimidating as it isolates you from socially interacting with others. Parents might be fearful as social interaction is important as a kid. However, parents can limit the number of hours spent on the screen or fix a timetable for their child. 


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3 – Stagnant skillset in communications 

Prolonged hours spent online may affect one’s social communication and cause their social skills to be neglected. Parents might fear their children becoming socially isolated and awkward, however, this can be prevented. Children of young age will require extra supervision to make sure they get enough outdoor and playtime away from the screen. Parents may have to be extra cautious to ensure that their children are getting enough social interaction daily. 


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4 – Online Tuition requires strong motivation and determination to get started 

Online learning will require a student’s significant effort to turn up. Since it is virtual, students can take lessons in the comfort of their own homes. This translates to a higher possibility of procrastination and a lack of self-discipline to attend lessons or get started on their online assignment. On the flip side, it can help to instill these values into your child and help them to become responsible young adults. 


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5 – May encounter technical difficulties and issues 

Of course, with technology, we can’t run away from technical difficulties and issues. Connectivity is what makes online tuition and learning possible. Hence, if your connectivity to the internet is weak or unstable, it can, unfortunately, disrupt your lesson schedule. 

However, if you think about it from a private tuition perspective, it is similar to incurring more time for travel because of traffic jams. 


Though online tuition remains controversial, it still offers a significant amount of benefits. However, it is subjective due to everybody’s unique learning style. You may or may not enjoy online classes, but if you have yet to experience one, sign up with Tutopiya to experience a free trial lesson of your choice. Contact our experts to find out more! 

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