The Expert Guide to Online Tuition: Subject Experts Tell You Why It’s Better

online tuition subject experts

Many students ask the question, “why is online tuition better when there are readily available home tutors?” It’s a legitimate question asked by parents who want the best bang-for-buck educational support for their child. Online tuition subject experts break down why online tutoring may be a viable, if not the best, alternative for your child.


The Advantages of Online Tuition

1 – Budgeting your day: Minimising wasted time

Don’t you think it’s strange that parents willingly send their children to group tuition agencies, accepting the wasted time taken to travel between their house and the location?

Let’s look at it objectively: as a parent and a working professional, you have a limited budget. It’s not merely your monthly or yearly financial expenses, it’s your time.

In a year, we have ~8000 hours, of which we spend a quarter sleeping and eating. This gives us only 6000 hours, or 12 hours a day. We have to be productive and spend time with our families.

If we take the decision to commute to a tuition agency lasting an hour to eighty minutes, on average each day, that takes up over fifteen percent of our daily productive lives. This is excluding the time you take to travel from work, pick up and drop off your child to school.

Overall, you may spend up to four hours a day commuting if you take all of your various commitments into account. This is not mere conjecture, many scientific studies show the wasted productivity arising from increased commute times.

However, learning online means removing that travel time altogether. Your child can study in the convenience and comfort of their home. Without having to travel, both the parents and the child can make use of the time saved and sustain learning through an online platform.


2 – The Power of Customising

The strategies that every child takes to learn online or in-person is unique. Private tutors often feel inclined to small classes because of limited time and high demand from students. This proves ineffective as your child might be unable to follow the pace of the lesson.

Predictive Analytics 

Predictive analytics and machine learning is not new in the context of higher education. With large initiatives such as IBM’s Smart Classrooms  and Google For Education showing that machine learning is a powerful tool used by universities to personalise college student support.

Blackbelthelp talks about the power of predictive analytics in propelling students towards success. By anticipating a student’s pattern of weaknesses and strengths, online tutoring can do what very few physical classrooms can do. Which is, creating a customised learning plan for your child that knows before you and your child what future difficulties they may face.

Even though an online platform means tutors and students do not meet face-to-face, online tutors can still guarantee that every student receives individual attention. One-on-one online tutoring, however, means that children from all classes are given complete attention. In addition to that, they can study at a comfortable pace and focus on their weak areas.


Studies have shown that gamifying the learning process for children has been a proven and effective tool in increasing student participation and engagement with difficult strategies.

Terry Heick, a gamification expert from Teach for Thought, confirms this:

“Gamification–making a “game” out of something that’s not–is different. The effect is a kind of encouragement mechanic that helps students see their own progress. Put another way, seeing one’s progress is a strategy for encouragement.”

Instead of viewing a poor test performance as a failure, they instead turn it into an opportunity for a challenge to overcome.

Tutopiya uses both gamification and predictive analytics in the assessment and learning journey for your child. In our online platform, students get monthly assessment reports that quantify the progress of your child over time. Instead of relying on qualitative feedback, our online tuition subject experts offer a blended analysis of data and formative opinions.


3 – Monitoring your wallet: an affordable option

Collegedata notes that the cost of higher education is rising exponentially year on year, with the average cost of a US private college being over $40,000.

A ten-year study conducted by the American Institutes For Research shows that the cost is only going to increase. It’s clear that parents need to save and consider cost-effective means to provide educational support for your child.

Online tutoring, however, is much more affordable on average than their physical counterparts. The average online tutoring platform costing up to fifty per cent cheaper than their physical counterparts.

Are you interested in giving online tutoring a try? In a matter of seconds, create an account with Tutopiya.com for a free trial to see whether our Online Whiteboard classroom is the right decision for your child. 

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