7 Trendy and Fun Games to Play During the Holidays

fun games during holidays

The summer school holidays are here again and students will be able to enjoy a long break before they start grinding again. The school holidays are, of course, meant to recharge by spending time with loved ones and getting more me-time! However, you can indulge yourself in one of these fun games for holidays to keep your brain stimulated and active in preparation for the next semester. 

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7 Trendy and Fun Games For Holidays

fun games for holidays

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1 – Wordle 

Wordle is one of the many fun games for holidays, it is an online 5-letter word game that helps one to exercise specific brain muscles with the involvement of visual word recognition. It also helps to improve your concentration and problem-solving skills. 

Wordle is a one-game-per-day type of game and you can easily access today’s puzzle through their website. Although the gameplay is once per day, it can help to keep you occupied and keep your mind active during the school holidays. 



fun games for holidays

2 – Jigsaw Puzzle 

There are many benefits you can reap from fixing a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle game improves your short-term memory, as it helps to reinforce connections between brain cells, and improve mental speed and it is most especially effective to improve your short-term memory. 


A jigsaw puzzle is easily one of the most fun games for holidays, as it keeps you occupied and interested for a long time. This game also improves your visual-spatial skills. Visual-spatial skills are the ability to tell where objects are in space. 


Visual-spatial processing is the ability to tell where objects are in space. This helps with individuals’ everyday things too, such as driving a car, packing, using a map, learning, and following dance moves. 


fun games for holidays

3 – Sudoku

Sudoku is one of those games that help to keep your brain young as you grow older. Sudoku challenges your brain to be involved in trying to find a solution. This act is good for the overall strengthening of the brain’s network and improving overall cognitive reserve. 


Sudoku also helps to improve memory in the long run. If you have played sudoku before, you would know that you need to learn where the numbers go and how to place them in the correct manner by remembering, in order to solve the puzzle. 


fun games for holidays

4 – Crossword Puzzle

Just like any other fun games for holidays mentioned so far, crossword puzzles also offers individuals a way to keep their brain active and challenged during the holidays. Crossword puzzles also help to improve one’s memory and brain function. 


Not only so, but it also helps to expand your vocabulary bank and increase your knowledge base. It is such a huge win for a fun game during the holidays! 


selective focus photography of chess pieces

5 – Chess

Chess offers many benefits such as improving your brain function, better planning skills, and improving memory. Chess helps to improve cognitive skills such as concentration, pattern recognition, decision making, problem-solving as well as critical thinking. It also helps one to manage anxiety levels and other turbulent emotions in the long run. 


yellow and blue lego blocks

6 – Scrabble

Out of all the fun games to play during the holidays we have mentioned, Scrabble is the rare few puzzles that help to improve mathematical and English skills. Scrabble also teaches children basic math skills. This is because there are specific points in each tile of the letters, players have to multiply those points to know how many points they have scored. 


Additionally, players can develop better interpersonal skills as this is a multiplayer game. Payers will be able to enhance their vocabulary and spelling which are both great for improving English language skills overall. 


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7 – Riddles 

Riddles are a great way to keep yourself occupied and engaged during the school holidays. Riddles help to sharpen one’s logic and reasoning skills. These puzzles are intended to exercise your brain. It reinforces connections between brain cells which is a great way to improve short-term memory. 


In a nutshell, school holidays are definitely more than intentionally playing these games to keep your brain active. Remember to also go out and have some fresh air during this holiday. All our students earned this well-deserved break! 

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