How The Lack of Interest In Sports Affects Your Child

lack of interest in sports

Have you ever wondered how the lack of interest in sports affects your child? Well then, you are not alone. Several parents have the same question in their minds. Over the years, parents have wondered how to find a healthy balance in the study-to-play ratio. There was a time when parents had to drag the kids back indoors, but today they seem to be doing the opposite.


But why is there a lack of interest in sports today?

This article addresses a very crucial aspect of growing up, a lack of interest in sports.

Today there seems to be a large consensus that children are no longer interested in sports.

Call it the wave of technology or addiction to screen time, somehow children do not remember the joy of playing sports.

Some may say that gradually even the parents have dismissed the importance of playing sports.

It could be due to their busy schedules, long working hours, and prioritizing studying over sports.

On the other hand, academically, competitive examinations and the general expectations placed upon children have doubled.

Further pushing them towards books and screens.

Children now view sports as a waste of time, boring, or as something that is secondary to their education and wellbeing.

However, today the importance of sports has reduced to an extremely unhealthy level.

Research shows that this has affected the well-being and the overall lifestyle of children around the globe.


lack of interest in sports

Here Are 5 Ways In Which The Lack of Interest In Sports Can Affect Your Child


One of the primary effects of not playing sports is Obesity and Increased Weight amongst children.

Research shows that a larger number of young children are becoming obese and this is becoming a large public health concern.

The bitter truth is that more and more kids are becoming couch potatoes and parents are finding it very difficult to curb this ugly habit.

Lifestyle habits like gaming, social media usage and increased amounts of screen time are all contributing factors.

Moreover, a lack of physical activity and sports has further paved the way for these alarming numbers.

Being overweight and obese is real and affects children all over the world.

It comes with a host of other health hazards such as:

1. Pediatric Diabetes

2. Increased Risk of Cardio Vascular Diseases

3. Weaker Bones and Muscles 

4. Being Lazy and Moody 

Being stationary or seated for long hours, an unhealthy diet, and lack of exercise or sports all influence the onset of obesity.

The only way to curb these issues is to make sure children take part in some form of physical activity or sport.

Another trick to help get the kids moving is to make any form of sport or physical activity FUN!

Kids always want to have fun. This could be achieved at home or at school.

At school, children can take part in extracurricular team sports on a weekly basis for 1 hour.

And at home, parents can spend 45 minutes to 1-hour playing simple games with kids.

Simple games like skipping, passing the ball, hula hoops, dancing statues, or even hopscotch.

Anything that will help them get off the couch!


lack of interest in sports


Lack of Confidence and Low Self Esteem

Sports instill a sense of confidence and a good level of self-esteem in children.

Playing sports gives children a sense of accomplishment and confidence as they master a new skill and understand the rules.

Having a healthy level of confidence and self-esteem allows children to navigate the world without feeling insecure about themselves.

Hence, a lack of playing sports robs children of these crucial life skills.

Often, students feel left out and insecure about themselves when they surf social media and start comparing themselves to others.

The joy and accomplishment achieved from playing sports, or mastering a new movement skill can buffer the negative effects of social media to an extent.


lack of interest in sports

Inability To Cope With Stress

The inability to cope with stress is a pertinent problem amongst children.

It is one of the primary mental health concerns in the world today.

Students cannot seem to comprehend and combat stress in a healthy way and that is affecting their well-being.

Playing a sport or taking part in a physical activity acts as an airbag when it comes to pediatric stressors.

Studies show that playing sports acts as a fun way to combat stress in children.

Children tend to use physical activity and playing sports as healthy outlets or avenues to expel stress and refresh themselves.

So, children who do not have these opportunities, look to unhealthy sources to deal with stress.

Here’s a tip for Parents:

A fun way to help kids cope with stress and instill a love for physical activity is to do simple stretching exercises at home

A short kid-friendly yoga session can instantly bust all the stress and give clarity.

The best part: it makes for an enjoyable catch-up session for the parent and child.


lack of interest in sports

Reduced Sleep

Playing sports also encourages a peaceful sleeping routine, allowing children to wake up fresh and energized.

Children taking part in sports boast a good routine devoid of daytime naps, laziness, and insomnia.

Physical activity throughout the day promotes better sleep as muscles get complete rest at night.

Reduced sleep is a sign of obesity, increased risk of diabetes, low academic record, poor attention, injuries, and an overstimulated mind.

Research shows that children who are sedentary take more time to fall asleep and have a low quality sleep.

On the other hand, children with an active routine usually fall asleep faster and have a better quality of sleep.


Lack of Social Skills

Social skills like team spirit, leadership, effective communication, and collaboration are cornerstones of amiable social conduct.

These life skills are mandatory to give children the right confidence and world view to be less selfish, cooperate and listen to others.

A child exposed to sports learns to lead and also becomes a cooperative team player.

Sports also instills discipline into kids, through fun and enjoyable way.

Such skills are important for the child while they play but also help them grow up to be responsible, attentive, and collaborative adults.


lack of interest in sports






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