Guide to International School Curriculums in Singapore

Choosing the right international school in Singapore

Choosing the Right International School in Singapore: Part 1

Series Introduction

Welcome to the first part of our two-part series designed to help parents in Singapore navigate the various international school curriculums available. This series aims to simplify your options and provide clear guidance to make well-informed decisions for your child’s educational future.


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Introduction to International Schools in Singapore

As Singapore attracts an increasing number of international families, the choice of international school curriculums also expands. With around 60 different international schools to choose from, each offering diverse educational philosophies, deciding on the right one is critical for your child’s academic and personal growth. Tutopiya offers comprehensive guidance, helping you navigate through these options with ease.


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Understanding Different Types of Curriculums

Overview of the British Curriculum

The British curriculum is structured and rigorous, focusing on core subjects such as English, Maths, and Sciences. It prepares students exceptionally well for higher education, evidenced by a recent survey where 80% of students felt highly prepared for university. It’s especially suited for students who thrive under a structured learning environment.


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Insight into the American National Curriculum

In contrast, the American curriculum offers a balanced education with strong emphasis on liberal arts, science, and technology. Known for its flexibility, it allows students to explore a broad range of subjects and interests. For example, a recent graduate from an American curriculum school in Singapore was accepted into several top U.S. universities, highlighting the curriculum’s effectiveness in preparing students for diverse pathways.


Exploring the International Baccalaureate (IB)

The IB curriculum promotes a global perspective and strong inquiry-based learning, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In Singapore, schools offering the IB curriculum boast a global university acceptance rate of about 95%, underscoring its rigorous and comprehensive nature.


Comparative Analysis of Various International Curriculums

Each curriculum has distinct advantages depending on the child’s and family’s needs. For instance, the British curriculum may be ideal for those who prefer structure and depth in core subjects, while the American curriculum could be better for those seeking a diverse and flexible educational approach.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Curriculum

Aligning Curriculum with Your Child’s Learning Style

Selecting a curriculum that matches your child’s learning style is crucial. For example, children who excel in hands-on activities may benefit more from the American curriculum, which often includes a wide range of practical activities. Tutopiya can assist in assessing your child’s learning style and recommending the most suitable curriculum.


The Significance of Interdisciplinary Learning

Interdisciplinary learning integrates various subject areas to enhance understanding and retention. For example, learning history through literature or understanding science through mathematics. Such approaches are common in more holistic curriculums like the IB.


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Language Offerings and Additional Skills

Another key consideration is the range of languages and additional skills offered by the curriculum. For instance, many international schools in Singapore offer Mandarin as a second language, which can be beneficial in a predominantly Chinese-speaking region. Additionally, technology and computer science are becoming increasingly integral, with curriculums incorporating coding and digital literacy from an early age.


Preparing for University Admission

It’s also important to consider how the curriculum prepares students for university admissions, particularly if you are aiming for overseas higher education. Curriculums like the IB are recognized for their strong preparation in critical thinking and analytical skills, which are highly valued by universities globally.

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