What is Chinese New Year and how to spend it with children

chinese new year

Chinese New Year is right around the corner again! One of the festive seasons celebrated by many in the world. 

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What is Chinese New Year and Who Celebrates it?

In Chinese culture, the Chinese New Year is the most important time of the year. In the lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is celebrated for 15 magical days. During the Chinese New Year, the Chinese will go through a set of traditions such as having a reunion dinner on the eve, putting on new clothes to welcome the new year, setting loud firecrackers, and more! 

The history of Chinese New Year dates itself from more than a thousand years ago and it would be too long of an article to dive into its history. 


Spending Chinese New Year with kids

The Chinese New Year may have not been as grand as it was pre-covid, but there are still several fun activities that everybody can do during the CNY period to feel the spirit while staying safe! Here are some activities that families can do together with their little ones to be ready for the festive season (Whether or not you are celebrating CNY!).


How to spend CNY with children 


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1 – Put up CNY decorations together

It is obvious that CNY screams red and decorations together. Take your kids to get some festive decorations together and put them up around your house. It does not matter whether you are celebrating CNY or not, it is always good to educate your children about the festive seasons.

especially in Singapore, a multi-racial country, festive seasons are a great time to appreciate other races’ festive seasons, so be sure to greet your fellow Chinese friends with a Happy Chinese New Year if you meet them along your corridors!


Chinese New Year Decorations on Display

2 – Teach your children about the Chinese history 

When we were young, schools must have gone through a little on how Chinese New Year came about and why the Chinese celebrate it. Watch a short video with your family to find out more about the Chinese New Year here: 



People Walking on Street

3 – Bring your kids to Chinatown

In Singapore, Chinatown streets during the Chinese New Year season would be filled with red and bright decorations to welcome the new year, on top of that, they also sell a variety of traditional foods and goods to help everybody who is celebrating to get all they need there. 

The street would be crowded and filled with people, you will definitely feel the CNY spirit as you walk down the street! Be sure to mask up and keep your social distancing while you are there! 


A Woman Holding a Red Basket

4 – Go shopping for CNY goodies 

This is one of many’s favorite things to do during CNY, Chinese would buy new clothes and festive goods to store at their homes for visitors. 


The Chinese believe that during the new year, the Chinese should wear new clothes as it symbolizes the idea of change, new beginnings, and getting rid of the old. 


chinese new year

5 – Have a reunion dinner too! 

Who says only the Chinese can be the only ones eating reunion dinner on the eve of CNY? It is fun to experience the CNY spirit even if you are not celebrating. Chinese eats the Hotpot in Singapore and in China, they would eat all the traditional Chinese New Year food. This traditional food consists of chow mien, a whole chicken, fish, spring rolls, and dumplings! 


Reunion Dinner is eaten on the eve of the lunar new year when family members gather to share a meal. It is to affirm the love and respect that binds them together. Following the reunion dinner, the family would stay awake up till the new year comes as it symbolizes increased longevity. 


chinese new year

6 – Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is a must-do for before the lunar new year comes. Having the house thoroughly clean means ridding its bad luck from the past year.


It is also a great time to declutter some of your items to get ready for the new year! Hence it is definitely a good activity that non-Chinese people can do too before the lunar new year comes! 


chinese new year

7 – Watch lion and dragon dance 

Something that should not be missed is definitely the performances that are done during CNY. Often during CNY, we can hear the loud drums on the roads. It would be a fun experience to watch these performances with your family. 


The Chinese believe that the Lion and Dragon dance helps to bring good luck and rid of the bad devil. 

Be sure to stay safe, mask up, and social distance when you are catching these performances at public places! 


In a nutshell, CNY is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. It is especially known for its red decorations, loud drums, and upholding traditions. Come and join your fellow Chinese during their CNY and you might just understand why they are so hyped about this festive season! 


Tutopiya also wishes all a Happy Chinese New Year! 


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