9 Super Tips and Habits to Help You to Learn Chinese Easily 

learn chinese easily

The Chinese Language is one of the most difficult languages to master because of its complexity of characters and pronunciation. However, with these 9 super tips, you might be able to find yourself learn Chinese easily. 


9 Super tips to learn Chinese easily 


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1 – Intentionally devote time to Chinese every day 

Due to the complexity of the Chinese language, it is recommended that you spend some time every day intentionally learning Chinese. What does it mean by intentionally? It means to actually practice the right enunciation of words and the strokes of the Chinese characters. 



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2 – Make small changes to your life to help you learn Chinese easily 

Small changes can make a difference in your life as they will ripple through your life positively. Some small but powerful changes include changing your language on your phone to Chinese, reading Chinese email subscriptions every day etc. Here is a list of little things you can do to improve your Chinese: 

  • Changing your phone language to Chinese
  • Looking up Chinese words that you are unfamiliar with immediately 
  • Subscribing to Chinese emails 
  • Watching shows and videos with Chinese subtitles 
  • Watching the news in Chinese 


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3 – Find a community 

If you are shy, finding an online community to support your learning journey can be a of great help. One way it helps you to express your concerns, share your experiences with the people who are going through the same learning process. Additionally, it keeps you accountable for your learning and progress. You can find these groups using your native social networking sites such as Facebook etc. 



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4 – Be on the same journey with someone close to you 

It is easier to embark on the journey when you have somebody doing it with you. Grab a friend along when you are trying to learn a new language. This way, you will have somebody to practice Chinese with, making the journey so much more enjoyable and enriching. 



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5 – Find a good tutor/ teacher to guide you along 

Having a great mentor to guide you through a new language is helpful as it helps you to be aware of the mistakes you are making. Some of these mistakes could be the wrong pronunciation and enunciation of Chinese words, your grammar, and your use of vocabulary. Having somebody reliable will ensure that you are on the right track and learning the right things. 


At Tutopiya, we offer Chinese language courses as well as Chinese language tuition for students taking the language in IGCSE, IB, Singapore, etc. To find out more about our Chinese courses and tuition, reach out to our friendly experts today! 



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6 – Step out of your comfort zone and speak the language 

You can find groups or any native speaking friends around you to speak the language. Do not be afraid to speak and it is completely okay to make mistakes along the way. It is only when you step out of your comfort zone and speak the language, you will be able to learn and grow confident. 



learn chinese easily

7 – Indulge yourself in children’s books in Chinese 

The fun of learning a new language is being able to flip through children’s books again. Children’s books are easier to understand and they are made for beginners. These books have pictures and description which are great for beginners! It is just like how we studied from when we were young! 


Here are some children’s book recommendations! 


1 – My First Mandarin Words With Gordon & Li Li 



2 – Slide and Seek: 100 Words English-Chinese


learn chinese easily


learn chinese easily

8 – Be in touch with the Chinese culture too

Learning the language can be dull and dreadful but you might learn to appreciate the language more when you dive into the Chinese culture. It helps to understand more about the culture and history. 


Watch this four-minute video about China and Chinese Culture: 


learn chinese easily

9 – Study smart to learn Chinese easily

Just like any subjects we learn in school, we need to adopt the learning strategy that is best suited for us and reaps the best results. There are two study methods that are helpful for learning Chinese easily. They are namely the Active Recall and Spaced Repetition study method. You can read more about the study methods here


Make use of study tools such as flashcards to help you remember Chinese words faster and easier (Active Recall). Space out the revision of these words to build muscle memory (Spaced Repetition). 


In a nutshell, the Chinese language may be hard to learn but with the right amount of devotion and dedication, you will be able to succeed. It is always fun to be learning a new language as it exposes you to more knowledge at the same time! Happy learning! 

learn chinese easily

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