9 Ways To Encourage Positive Behavior In Your Children

positive behavior in children

It can be tricky to educate your children when they are young. Especially when there is no one answer to educating your children and no textbook to follow. However, you can make things easier when you take things one step at a time. Here are 9 ways to encourage positive behavior in your children to help them grow. 


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9 ways to encourage positive behavior in children 

1 – Cultivate Independence: Let your children try out themselves first

Whether it is academic-related or things around the house, let your little ones have their turns. Let them have a chance to attempt to solve problems by themselves. This helps to cultivate independence in them. 


2 – Building trust: Refrain from scolding children harshly 

It is a learning process for children to make certain mistakes, hence always remember to be patient with them and guide them on to the right path. Instead of lashing out at them, explain to them why it is wrong and why their behaviors should be corrected. Then, guide them slowly and make sure to check up on them! 


3 – Boost self-confidence: Give them the responsibility to complete (eg. chores)

Giving your children age-appropriate house chores is a good start to helping them have a sense of what responsibility is. Having a responsibility can ultimately help your children to gain self-confidence upon completion of tasks. This is provided you acknowledge, thank, and reward your child for fulfilling their responsibilities. 


4 – Build mutual respect and trust: Listen & consider your child’s opinions and thoughts 

It is important to encourage your child to speak their thoughts and for you to listen attentively to their opinions. It is to start building mutual trust and respect for one another when they are young. This way, they will grow up to realize that you have always listened to their thoughts and will reciprocate the same energy and even confide in you with their problems. 


5 – Instill creativity: Let them attempt to solve problems with their own methods

Refrain from limiting what your child thinks as it can hinder their growth and development, instead, let them attempt to solve their problems with their own methods while you supervise them. Give room for your child to grow creatively and you too, might learn a thing or two from your children in return!


6 – Gain confidence – Teach them the right way to correct their mistakes 

The way you correct your children is also important as your tone sets the mood. Always be mindful of the words you are using and correct them gently and also appropriately. Tell them what went wrong, why it is wrong, and how they can correct it. You need to let them understand the seriousness of each mistake and the way they can rectify it. Then, advise them on how they can do better the next time. 


7 – Build a loving relationship: Show unconditional love to your children

Do not be afraid or shy to show your children you love them. Your love is mighty and encourages them to be better because they know you are there for them. Allowing them to feel a sense of belonging and security is important for their early day’s growth and development. This is because it helps them to grow in a safe environment.

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8 – Instill morals: Be consistent and firm with what you are teaching your children 

When it comes to morals and family rules, make sure to be firm and consistent with what you say. You should also set a good example for your children and follow strictly to your own morals. This way, your children will know that these morals are important to you and will respect you and follow these morals strictly as you do. 


9 – Positive growth & development in children: Encourage self-reflection

Encourage your child to engage in self-reflection after every mistake or every few months. Guide them with their reflection by asking them questions like, 

  • How did you feel after doing this?
  • Is there anything you wish to have done differently?
  • How can you do things better next time?


positive behavior in children


In a nutshell, parents need to encourage positive behavior in children from a young age with the right methods and ways. Most importantly, a parent’s tone is crucial in educating their children. Parents need to keep a balance between being gentle and strict which is not easy. However, do not stress too much! Every parent is mighty and amazing in their own ways! 


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