IGCSE Curriculum: Top 9 Benefits & Why It Could Be Best for Your Child

IGCSE Curriculum: Top 9 Benefits & Why It Could Be Best for Your Child

IGCSE Benefits: Why It Could Be the Best Curriculum for Your Child (Singapore & International)


Whether you are considering taking the IGCSE curriculum in Singapore or you are an international student thinking between the IGCSE curriculum and other curriculums, here are 9 benefits of IGCSE and why could be the best curriculum for your child. 

In Singapore the GCE O Level is very much similar to the IGCSE except our GCE O Level is curated to include topics and subjects that are unique to the country. 

Your child is also able to sit for the IGCSE O Level instead of the GCE, but you must be thinking about why and what are the benefits of doing so. 

Whereas for students who are considering between the IGCSE curriculum and other curriculums available to you in your own country, you might just be thinking about the benefits and pros of the IGCSE curriculum. 

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9 Benefits of IGCSE 

1. Globally recognized qualification

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The IGCSE board provides students with uniformity of education around the world. Their curriculum focuses on skill development and creative thinking. The IGCSE is also one of the most recognized qualifications around the world. 

If you are considering studying abroad, the IGCSE curriculum can be a good choice, as it is widely recognized and used to determine if your child can get a spot in other countries’ high schools and colleges. 

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2. Caters to student’s individual strengths 

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The IGCSE curriculum offers students the opportunity to explore their subjects in different difficulty levels. They offer a Core and Extended curriculum for some of their subjects. The core subjects are the standard levels of difficulty where most students tend to lean towards. 

Whereas, the extended curriculum is made for students who are performing well in their core subjects and able to challenge themselves to undertake a more rigorous curriculum. 


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3. Huge variety of subjects to choose from 

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The IGCSE board offers students a plethora of subjects. There are 5 subject groups, mainly the languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, and creative and vocational. 



For more information about the subjects offered by the IGCSE board, you can visit their official website here


4. Encourages logical and critical thinking in students 

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The IGCSE curriculum is curated to encourage students to think critically and logically about the topics they discuss in the curriculum. It also helps students to problem solve and develop investigative and inferential skills. These principles are useful and well-aligned with the global standards of education. 

Students that take up the IGCSE curriculum are more adaptive and allows them to transition to other curriculums, educations, and schools easier and faster which is beneficial for students who are looking to transition to other curriculums after the IGCSE O Level. 


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5. Develop relevant and useful skills to prepare students for the future 

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The IGCSE curriculum offers students subjects like Information and Communication Technology which allows students to develop their computer programming skills. The computer science industry will likely take over the society and world. And the IGCSE curriculum is already incorporating these subjects as early as students’ high school to give them a head start. 


6. Assessment of the IGCSE curriculum 

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The IGCSE curriculum has various different types of assessments for a single subject, so as to better evaluate a student’s skills and knowledge. This allows students to explore their own unique learning styles and abilities. 


7. Excellent curriculum to prepare students for universities 

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The IGCSE curriculum develops students to be independent thinkers and learners. This is an important trait to possess for higher education and university studies. Higher education requires students to be disciplined and responsible for their own learning. IGCSE students will already be exposed to learning these responsibilities and traits as young as they are in high school. 


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8. Offers students a practical approach to learning 

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IGCSE offers learning approaches that help to build practical skills such as analytical, communication, and cognitive skills in students. This is on top of critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and personality development. 


9. Examination questions

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IGCSE’s examination questions are often differentiated in terms of the level of difficulty. This is to help the school as well as students to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This form of assessment is great for students that meet the needs of both the ablest students and those who find it academically challenging. 

This differentiation helps students to better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Hence, able to realize their interests and if they are keen to advance in their subjects. Otherwise, they may wish to change their study path and choose other subjects of interest. 

In a nutshell, the IGCSE curriculum is globally recognized and a great choice for students who are looking to study abroad after IGCSE. Tertiary education as well as colleges overseas mostly accept IGCSE qualifications. 

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