7 Tips To Help You Ace The New School Year With Confidence

READY, SET, GO! Getting Back In the Game




Have you ever felt nervous or anxious the night before a New School Year or Term began? Well, you aren’t the only one! We heard your plight for a quick guide to how you can ace this new school year without any doubts, anxiety or fear. Here are 7 unbeatable tips to help you glide smoothly through the upcoming new school year with confidence.


It doesn’t matter what your previous school year was like. Making sure this year is different and better requires lots of personal motivation.

Three easy steps will refresh your motivation and give you encouraging reasons to get right back into the new -year.

  • It’s Not About The Grades

It’s always more than just grades.

While getting really good grades are motivating enough for some students, for the rest it might not create a lasting motivation to do great at school.

Instead of focusing on the grades this year, try thinking about the other good clubs at school you would want to join, any particular personal trait you want to improve, or a particular subject you would like to do good at.

These reasons should motivate you better.

  • ‘You’ Should Want To Do Better

A lot of times students are made to think that ‘going to school’ is something they ‘should do’ or ‘have to do’, as opposed to ‘want to do’.

Students should not feel like they should achieve good grades because it is important to their parents or teachers.

Rather, achieving good grades must be important to them personally, only then will they be motivated to do better.

If you can ask yourself, why achieving better results or performing better at a particular task or activity is important to YOU, then you will be internally motivated to do better all year round.

  • Put Your Motivation To Work

Now, that you know why you are motivated and what it is you want to do this year, it is time to put that motivation into action.

You can do this by working on steps that will help you achieve your goal.

So Don’t Give Up! Start again, but this time with a lot more confidence, self-belief and preparation.




If your goal this year is to get an A+ in  IGCSE math, then it is important for you to consider all the practical and useful ways that will help you attain your goal.

You will not be able to get a good grade if you skip your revision time and instead, spend time with your friends or on your smartphone.

Hence, the realistic steps you have to take to get an A+ in your IGCSE math will require you to spend more time completing your math homework.

Including, another hour doing the necessary revision of the math problems you solved in class for the day.


3.     ORGANIZE!

Organize! Organize! Organize! This is the magic word that every student should know.

Irrespective of the level of education or employment you are in, organizational skills are very crucial for keeping track of your goals, plans and achievements.

Whether we like it or not organizing subject time tables, school materials or your study notes will always give you a head start in making sure you are set for the new school year.

Spending 10 minutes before you sleep to organize your books, notes, ideas, routine and study plans for the day will keep you on a steady track and help you achieve the maximum throughout the day.

Tutopiya provides FREE Printable Weekly Study and School Lesson Planners to make organizing as easy as pie!




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join the School Drama Club?

Well, now is your chance!

Participating in the extra-curricular activities, sports clubs, social work, drama and interact clubs at your school is a great way to relax and have fun.

Besides, studying in class, learning new things and spending time doing other multi-disciplinary activities will help you learn new skills and boost your confidence.

It will provide you with opportunities to interact with like-minded students and help make new friends!


Adults, who are successful, know how to structure their time, set priorities, and meet deadlines.

They agree that there are some tasks that need to be accomplished regardless of whether they like them or not.

Creating a routine and sticking to one, teaches the young adults that they have the patience to do something repetitively until the goal they set out to achieve is accomplished or not.

If you MAKE it a ROUTINE to do your math homework every day, revise the math lesson of the day, and practice math problems that you find difficult with your IGCSE tutor; you will then be able to get an A+ in IGCSE Mathematics.



Contrary to popular belief, it was procrastination and not curiosity that killed the cat!

It’s a hard fact that students easily fall prey to procrastination.

This doesn’t happen because they want to procrastinate; it’s just that they can’t help it!

Do not tell yourself that this year. Procrastination will KILL all your goals. So this year, try something new.

Procrastination occurs when you have a lot to do but don’t know where and when to start.

These TWO tricks will help you:


Planning what to do within the time you have set aside for history revision will keep procrastination at bay.

For example;

Planning out which chapters of the history book you can cover within two hours of history revision will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed compared to the total number of chapters you will have to revise.

Hence, this will stop you from putting history revision off for later as a whole.

 Being Accountable

It is YOUR homework, YOUR exam, and   YOUR FUTURE at stake!

More than anyone else, YOU will have to deal with the setbacks of Procrastination.

If you can’t do anything about it, talk to a parent, a counsellor or a friend and tell them to REMIND you to NOT procrastinate.

Do not LIE to them when they do.

If nothing else works then try setting small goals and rewarding yourself.

Like, having an ice-cream after every study plan is complete. I am sure this will do the trick!




Share your concerns, ideas and problems with parents, educators and teachers.

Getting help for when things go out of control is a good way to stay connected to your goals, hence leading to a successful school year.

Therefore, this shows that you are willing to receive feedback that can give you a good reality check as to where you are in terms of achieving the goals you set out to achieve.



With these 7 tips and Tutopiya by your side, you are bound to ACE this New School Year


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