Examination Timelines – PSLE, O & A Level, IBDP, and IGCSE


Students, it is time to start planning ahead of time for the following major examinations that are coming up soon.

Local Singapore

The O and A level have already kickstarted their examinations back in June, their Mother Tongue Papers. The upcoming events are Oral and Listening Comprehension for our Secondary and Junior College students.


The dates are as follows:

O Level Mother Tongue

10-22 July – Oral Examination

23 July – Listening Comprehension


A Level Mother Tongue 

10-23 July – Oral Examination

24 July – Listening Comprehension


Here are the specific timelines for PSLE, O and A level respectively.

PSLE Exam Schedule 2019

O & A Level Exam Schedule 2019



The two most popular curriculum for international students is the IBDP and IGCSE.

IBDP Exam Schedule 19/20

IGCSE Exam Schedule 19/20


Now you know the timelines to these major examinations, it’s time to start planning your revision and studying. It is always better to start early than late. Tutopiya has several schedule planner printables for you, follow this link.


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