27 Simple Tips To Boost Your Child’s Confidence

boost child confidence

Helping your child to gain and boost confidence from a young age is setting up success for them. Their confidence can have positive ripple effects throughout their lives, hence important to start cultivating from a young. Here are 27 tips you can use to help boost your child’s confidence. These tips are small but impactful for your child to gain or boost their confidence! 


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27 tips to boost your child’s confidence 

1 – Give your child age-appropriate house chores or tasks

Offer your child appropriate house chores to do and praise or reward them after completion. It helps them to feel rewarded and accomplished, in turn helping to boost their confidence. 


2 – Listen and consider your child’s thoughts and opinions

When you listen and consider your child’s opinions, it will help them to feel accepted and heard, allowing them to feel safe to grow in your environment. 


3 – Compliment and reward your child when something is done right

Be generous with your compliments for your child as it helps them to understand what things are done right. Your compliments also help to increase their confidence level as they are praised for the things they have done. 


4 – Refrain from scolding your child harshly 

This should be avoided as it could take away your child’s self-esteem if your tone is wrong and the words you use are too harsh. Instead, talk to your child calmly and tell them what is wrong in a serious but approachable manner. 


5 – Give your child realistic goals and expectations 

When giving your child tasks to do, make sure that the tasks are realizable and attainable. A small challenge is recommended, however, to prevent giving too much of a challenge that could hurt your child’s self-esteem. When they are able to complete these tasks, they will feel more confident taking up more difficult tasks and more responsibilities. 


6 – Encourage your child to do self-reflection 

Self-reflection helps to develop self-awareness, children find themselves in new perspectives, allowing them the chance to better themselves the next time around. This continuous growth boosts self-confidence because one is self-aware of their own thoughts, actions, and feelings. 


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7 – Encourage your child to make use of their strengths 

Your child’s strengths can be used to help others or get things done, you should encourage them to do that often as it helps in their growth and development. 


8 – Teach your child to think positively 

Positive thinking helps your child with stress management and improves well-being overall. This positive attitude gives a boost in confidence not only in children but adults as well! 


9 – Let your child do it by themselves first 

As your child grows up, you will have to let them start doing things by themselves. This allows them to feel trusted and reliable which helps to increase self-esteem and confidence.

10 – Correct their mistakes mindfully 

Be careful and mindful with the words you use and correctly guide them to fixing their mistakes. Words are powerful and can make an impactful difference. 


11 – Show your child unconditional love 

It gives them a sense of belonging and acceptance, helping them to grow in a safe and secure environment. 


12 – It is okay to cry and make mistakes – Do not let your child fear mistakes 

Assure your child that it is okay to make mistakes and feel disappointed. Your response is important to encourage them to embrace their mistakes and emotions. Encourage them to talk about their feelings and ask how you can make them feel better.


13 – Use a gentle and affirming tone to educate your child 

Here are 25 phrases you can use to inspire your little one


14 – Say no to comparison to boost child confidence

Do not ever compare your child with other children, it decreases their self-esteem and hurts their feelings whether or not your comparison was harmless.


15 – Open up and share some struggles with your child 

Talk to your child about certain struggles, perhaps sharing that you had a bad day at work because you did something wrong. Share your experience and give your child a chance to listen and respond. It also builds mutual trust and acceptance. 


boost child confidence

16 – Commend their progress 

The progress is far more important than the outcome, the progress is what shapes your child. Hence, celebrate the progress and every big or small milestone. 


17 – Set a good example for your child 

When you set a good example for your child, it makes your child believe and feel confident to grow to become like you. 


18 – Give them the freedom to make certain choices 

Allow your child to make choices for themselves, let them have a say in the things that go on in their lives to build mutual trust. 


19 – Be interested and supportive in the things they are passionate about 

Ask and take part in the things your child is interested in and passionate about. It helps to increase their self-esteem. 


20 – Acknowledge and celebrate their happiness and achievements 

Every big and small milestone is important, especially when it concerns their growth. Celebrate and reward them when they are happy with their achievements! 


21 – Acknowledge their emotions 

Give your child the space to feel and give appropriate responses to their emotions to build a strong relationship. It helps them to feel confident and comfortable about the things they feel. 


22 – Engage in difficult tasks together 

When you find certain tasks are difficult for your little ones to accomplish, join your child and guide them throughout the tasks. Sometimes your help is needed to increase their confidence in completing these tasks. 


23 – Let your child learn something new & take charge in their learning 

When your child takes charge of their own learning, they are responsible for growth and learning. It gives them a chance to showcase their learning ability, helping them to boost their confidence. 


24 – Allow your child to pursue their interests to boost child confidence 

If your child’s interests are harmless, it is always good to encourage them to keep working on it. 


25 – Teach them that mistakes are positive learning experiences 

When mistakes are made, refrain from portraying them as failures, you should instead portray them as positive learning experiences. Explain and encourage your kids to make mistakes as a learning opportunity. 


26 – Celebrate goals and perseverance to boost child confidence

You should commend your child when they display perseverance and determination in school and in life. Their pure determination and strive for success is great for progressing in life. 


boost child confidence

27 – Allow your child to solve problems for themselves 

Let your kids handle certain problems and challenges by themselves while you observe. Give them a chance to show their perseverance, strength, and focus. When they are able to resolve the problems, they will experience a boost of self-confidence.


boost child confidence


In a nutshell, there are many ways to boost your child’s confidence, these 27 ways are just ideas to help parents kick start this journey. 


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