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The IGCSE examinations are right around the corner and all you see is a pile of books in front of you. How do you get through all that studying and revision without being bored, distracted, or exhausted? Well, the only way out is to make the IGCSE revision process FUN! A fun and engaging IGCSE revision period will always be more productive.


IGCSE revision

So, how do we make IGCSE revision FUN?

Here are the top 10 ways to make IGCSE Revision fun


IGCSE revision


One of the most creative and exciting ways to make IGCSE revision fun is by using music to your advantage.

Every student has used music while studying.

Music helps to make studying interesting and less boring.

Different students may have varied preferences.

Some students may find that listening to slow soulful music helps them relax and focus.

On the other hand, some may find more groovy tunes to be helpful and energizing.

Moreover, there has been considerable research that shows how music can help make revision fun and enjoyable.

Therefore, it is one of the primary ways that students use to keep them company while revising.


IGCSE revision



Have you noticed how excited the students become when teachers announce group assignments?

They get the opportunity to brainstorm, collaborate, and share information to learn something new.

Likewise, an IGCSE revision session with friends makes things less monotonous.

There are students who thrive in group study sessions with their peers and friends.

It builds healthy competitiveness and keeps the students engaged through the sharing of information.

Also, students are far from being bored and stay motivated because they have others around them revising the same syllabus.

Have you tried the group study lessons with Tutopiya? 

It’s an exciting portal for friends to gather around and revise their IGCSE subjects with specialized IGCSE tutors.


IGCSE revision


Students are sure to find that IGCSE revision is more fun when it involves movies and documentaries.

Many IGCSE subjects like Literature, History, Geography, and Art require students to read heavy material.

Very often one will find IGCSE students pouring over plays, novels, history books, and maps to understand various chapters.

Reading heavy material can get boring as well as tiring for the best of students.

However, having a more relaxed and interesting way to learn something heavy will always make the revision session more productive and memorable.

Therefore, there are several documentaries and movies that students can watch to complement their study material.

As a result, they will also find the subject interesting and remember their work better.


IGCSE revision


Having a study partner can also prove to be useful.

While a group revision session is advantageous for extroverts, introverts usually share their revision time with a close friend.

Therefore, having a study buddy can provide the right amount of support and companionship to people who do not prefer studying in large groups.

More often than not, having 1 or 2 study partners keeps the study session focused.

With a large crowd, revision may be more fun but sometimes students can get distracted.

With one study buddy, the student can have the right amount of moral support and fun as there are two people doing the same thing.


IGCSE revision


Anything to do with games is fun!

Even IGCSE revision can be fun.

Having an IGCSE revision game night is a sure-shot fun way to make revision interesting and enjoyable.

Even parents can organize these fun IGCSE revision game nights for kids and their friends.

This can also be a great way for students to unwind and take a break from heavy studying.

Students can have pop quizzes and award points to each other to see who remembers what has been learned so far.

A quick MCQ quiz on all the important formulas that need to be learned can also be a fun game.

Furthermore, students can also play a ‘Pictionary’ inspired game where they have to draw simple concepts and diagrams to get points for their respective teams.

As a result, they can test their knowledge on simple diagrams and how to mark them, especially for subjects like IGCSE Biology, Human Biology, and Geography.


IGCSE revision



A lot of students underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep.

Students who enjoy sleeping, this fun tip is for you!

Students kill their sleep by chugging down coffee and staying awake through the night to study without sleeping.

They do this because they feel that it’s cool, effective, and easy to study through the night.

However, they do not understand that there are some disadvantages of staying awake for long hours continuously.

Getting a healthy 6 to 8 hours of sleep will boost both the body and mind.

Good restful sleep will keep you energized and refreshed throughout the day to study and revise without feeling tired and lethargic.

Usually, staying up late at night robs your body of the rest it needs to concentrate and soak up the information you need to study the next day.

When students stay up late and do not get enough rest they wake up feeling tired.

This limits their productivity and propels them to take naps during the day cutting out important revision time.

Hence, prioritize sleeping well to replenish your energy in order to stay focused during the day.

So, you do not lose valuable studying time.



IGCSE revision



Visiting places that can help you learn about your subject is a fun way to revise without putting in too much effort.

If a history student visits a museum or art gallery, it will be a fun way for him or her to learn about history and art through paintings, old books, and statues.

Most students find history and art to be boring and revising for those subjects even more tedious.

Therefore, visiting places related to the subject matter can boost interest in a subject.


IGCSE revision


A specialized IGCSE tutor can make a world of a difference in any IGCSE subject revision.

Sometimes all students need is a good push in the right direction from an expert and vetted tutor.

No matter how good the level of education is in a school just before the IGCSE exams students need  1 to 1 specialized mentoring and guidance.

Besides, after COVID 19 students have had to rely on some extra support to help them learn better in these unpredictable times.

Tutopiya offers all IGCSE students just that.

Their IGCSE revision program and IGCSE tuition lessons are spearheaded by some of the best and most experienced tutors specializing in IGCSE subject syllabuses, examinations, and revision.

Providing the right 1 to 1 IGCSE academic support at the convenience of the student’s time is Tutopiya’s signature.

As a result, students can have lessons at their own timings and even get an opportunity to sit for a FREE 1-to-1 Trial as well.

Finally, with regular homework help, IGCSE past paper practice, and progress feedback students receive all-around academic support for an effective IGCSE revision.


IGCSE revision


Getting creative with your notes and flashcards is the best way to retain information in your memory.

Bright colors make it easier to remember things, concepts, and definitions.

Use bright or neon-colored highlighters, pens, and pencils to color in and highlight important details in notes and flashcards.

Doodle and use colors to make boring notes fun to read.


IGCSE revision


Parents always warn their children to keep away from the internet to avoid being distracted during the IGCSE revision period.

However, one of the best advantages of the world wide web is to use it for education.

The internet is a very effective tool for students if used correctly for learning purposes.

Moreover, several search engines like Google can give students access to resources and learning materials for all IGCSE subjects.

Resources and learning materials like extra notes, quick revision guides, subjects matter expert forums, past papers, online tutors and the IGCSE syllabus are all a click away.


IGCSE revision





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