10 Reasons Why Online Tuition Is Better For Your Kids



The days of home tutors and traveling to tuition for k-12 segments are soon being replaced by the online tuition market that is forecasted to be valued at $120.67 billion by 2021. 

What exactly is pushing this trend of mobile learning methods and why is online tuition becoming so appealing to the Facebook generation?

Digital Nomads are faced with obstacles galore.

From the trouble of balancing their school loads, extracurriculars, sports, tuition and volunteering, every minute of the day counts, especially when it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Mobile learning has adapted virtual environments, real-time feedback and innovative technologies that take on a modern approach to learning that is tailored to each student. 

Still on the fence? Here are 10 reasons as to why online tuition is better for your kids!


  • Conducive online tuition environments for digital nomads


Today’s learners seek a learning environment that is not as obsolete as traditional classrooms but that is specifically engineered to support thinking. 

Kids prefer online learning that incorporates technology into tuition and teaching skills as technology can equip students to independently organize their learning process. 



  • Accessibility to online tuition methods


Online tuition with its many benefits, has been proven to help young learners to perform better in school. 

Raise your child’s school grade through new-age learning methods such as competency-based learning and adaptive learning, that are accessible at your convenience wherever you are.



  • Online resources database


Find resources to help students study and learn online at ease, search for past papers and planners that aid in your effective learning experience. 



  • One on One Tuition


Individual lessons for students to get the attention they need will help make the best out of the learner’s experience.



  • Supportive online cultures and communities


Interactive lesson plans and real-time feedback build a virtual environment that students enjoy and better yet, enjoy learning through online tuition.



  • Limited space is no longer a problem!


Group tuition classes have the problem of space and learning from home cuts out traveling time and costs entirely, helping everyone avoid the stress of traffic entirely!

 Online tuition vs. face to face tuition is an interesting argument, both with its advantages and disadvantages. 



  •  Organising your study goals became 10 times easier online.


 Planning and execution is a toughy, especially when everyone’s schedules don’t seem to match sometimes. Online tuition helps you select the time and subjects you want, helping you organise a schedule for your studies.   

Freely share materials with your tutor (any questions/assessments/worksheets), marked and graded and have lifetime access to database of exam resources.



  • Strategy, strategy, strategy.


Online tuition goes beyond modern teaching methods. Standardized tests require strategies to help you build the confidence and the knowledge to ace your exams!

Online live tutoring has options to track students’ progress and give feedback to parents after each lesson, making learning effective.



  • All tutors, all subjects, one website


Find all your tuition needs on one platform, from world-class tutors and a wide variety of subjects online

Learning from home comes with the benefit of live and interactive instant learning, from flexible lesson plans and learning on-demand to recorded lessons and playback options, Tutopiya provides personalized plans for each student’s needs.



  • Safety and health.


Learning from home limits exposure to students who would be under the weather. Schools know how fast the common flu can spread and online learning helps kids stay safe, healthy while continuing their learning.

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