How to remember what you study – 10 Memory Techniques For Remembering

remember what you study

It is common for students to have trouble remembering all the information and feel stuck when things don’t stick. Here are 10 memory techniques that can help you to remember what you study! Studying will be so much easier with these 10 tips! 


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Here are 10 memory techniques that can help you to remember what you study 

1 – Use the correct study method 

The active recall study method is a scientific study method that assures you that you will remember what you study. The active recall study method is also known as the retrieval method, where students are required to retrieve information from their brains. 


You can do so by testing yourself and refrain from referring to your notes. This process helps your brain to connect the question and the information required to answer it. 

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2 – Remove all distractions when trying to study 

It is recommended that you do not multi-task when studying. It distracts you and does not actually help you. Focus on what you have on hand and ensure that nothing is distracting you. Anything that potentially distracts you, such as the noise coming from the TV, you should remove. 


Only by focusing on the things you need to remember, you will yield better results. 


3 – Practice spaced repetition when studying 

When studying for a heavy content subject, it is advisable to split the subject up and revisit them on a regular basis. This is also known as the spaced repetition study method. You revisit the topics you have studied every few days, or right before you are about to forget it.


Every time you revisit the topic, your forgetting curve gets reset and in the long run, your brain would have built up muscle memory around the topic. This information will then come to you like second nature. 


This study technique is often paired with Active Recall, which yields one of the best results when students are attempting to remember lengthy information or important concepts. 


4 – Use visual aids to help you remember better

Relating the material you need to remember to a visual representation will help your brain to connect the dots better. 


This is extremely useful for students who are trying to remember their script for a presentation. Your presentation can include helpful imageries and photographs to help you remember what you are presenting. It also helps with the flow of your presentation, because photographs can be used to connect and link information. 


5 – Use acronyms and mnemonics 

Using short forms can help you to remember more information. Acronyms are a great way to remember an order of things or steps to follow. An example where an acronym is used is the Electromagnetic spectrum. 

There are so many different pairings you can come up with! It also makes it fun to remember lengthy information, try it! 


6 – Write your notes in short point forms 

When writing down notes during class, you should always jot down notes in point form. Catch only the important points and write them down. You should also create short forms when writing down notes in class. 


This also helps you to listen closely to what your professor is saying and helps you to understand. 


7 – Use flashcards or Quizlets to help you remember 

Tied with point 1, these study methods help you to train your brain to retrieve information and apply the relevant concepts to the questions. 


Flashcards such as Quizlets and Anki are helpful study tools that you can use to facilitate the Active Recall study method. 

8 – Color coding related key points

Coloring coding may help your brain to organize information which can help you to remember what you study better. 


However, it is advisable to not over highlight your notes, and not have too many colors on your notes. 


9 – Blue ink on white paper 

According to a scientific study, writing your notes with a blue pen on a white sheet of paper can help you to remember what you study. 


Blue ink on white paper helps you to remember information 10% more than black ink. 

10 – Teach the material you are trying to remember 

Another study method that helps you to incorporate Active Recall into your studying. Teaching is a great way to ensure that you are ready and have remembered all the needed information. When teaching, our brain helps to organize and dissect the information into bitesize pieces. Information will be conveyed in easier terms and you will be able to link the information up easily when you attempt to teach it. 


In a nutshell, information can be digested and remembered when you use the right methods and put in the effort. All the best for your studies! 


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