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What is the Unlimited IGCSE Learning Program?

Designed for Cambridge International Examinations in Malaysia

Four months of intensive revision, packed with expert-led classes, a self-driven learning portal bursting with resources, and instant feedback at your fingertips.

You can conquer past papers, smash through practice quizzes, and leave knowledge gaps to the dust.

The Unlimited Learning Program is your all-access pass to IGCSE mastery, designed to fuel your confidence, boost your scores, and propel you headfirst into academic triumph.

Who Will Benefit The Most From The Program?

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Who Will Benefit The Most From The Program?

IGCSE Cambridge Extended Grade 10

Students sitting for the final exams in 2024.

Unlimited Learning Program Structure

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Unlimited Learning Program Structure

60 hours of Learning per month

Full Syllabus covered in 16 weeks for all 5 subjects

Past 5 years’ exam paper analysis

Special Benefits of the Program

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Special Benefits of the Program

Diagnosis conducted at the program commencement

Progress Check on a monthly basis

Regular feedback from tutors
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Subjects Offered


12 Hours of Live Classes/Month

Full Access to Mathematics Learning Portal


12 Hours of Live Classes/Month

Full Access to Biology Learning Portal


12 Hours of Live Classes/Month

Full Access to Chemistry Learning Portal


12 Hours of Live Classes/Month

Full Access to Physics Learning Portal


12 Hours of Live Classes/Month

Full Access to English Learning Portal

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Detailed Overview of Program Subjects

Unlimited IGCSE Learning Program Live Classes Schedule

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Unlimited Learning Program goes beyond traditional exam revision by providing students with a comprehensive learning experience.

The program is meticulously designed to merge theoretical understanding with practical application, offering a holistic approach to exam preparation.

By incorporating both theory review sessions and extensive past paper practice, students gain not only a deep conceptual understanding but also the ability to apply their knowledge in real exam scenarios.

IGCSE revision 2

Strategic Syllabus Coverage

Our program boasts a strategic syllabus coverage plan that ensures students navigate through each subject systematically.

With a well-structured curriculum, we guide students through key topics, ensuring they master essential concepts crucial for success in their IGCSE examinations.

The four-week duration, coupled with four topics per month, facilitates a steady and thorough exploration of the entire syllabus within a manageable timeframe of four months.

Flexibility for Optimal Learning

Understanding the unique needs of students, Unlimited Learning Program offers flexible access options.

Students can participate in classes within student groups, allowing for collaborative learning and tailored support. The flexibility extends to the scheduling of classes, accommodating the diverse schedules of students.

This approach ensures that each student can engage with the material at their own pace and convenience, promoting a positive and effective learning experience.

Empowering Students for Success

The ultimate goal of Unlimited Learning Program is to empower students with the knowledge and skills essential for success in their IGCSE examinations.

By combining theoretical insights with practical application, students not only grasp the intricacies of each subject but also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The emphasis on past paper practice prepares them for the unique challenges posed by exam formats, instilling confidence and competence.

Complete Access to Resources on the Learning Platform

The rich comprehensive resources on the Tutopiya Learning Platform inclusive of well compiled theory notes, interactive quizzes, in detail video explanations and past paper questions serve as a treasure trove of knowledge that can be found in one place to facilitate the self learning process of students.

The AI generated feedback of the answers to the quizzes displays an in depth explanation of the correct and incorrect answers that gives students a full understanding of each question.

The course overviews present for each subject in the respective curriculum gives a head start for the students in the preparation for their full syllabus coverage and the assessments they will have to take at the end.

Continuous Progress Monitoring

The Unlimited Learning program goes beyond just providing lessons and resources; it actively monitors and evaluates each student's progress throughout the entire program.

At the beginning, a benchmark assessment is conducted to diagnose the student's proficiency level. Tutors then utilize this information to tailor their guidance, focusing on areas where students need the most assistance.

The combination of benchmark assessments and ongoing monitoring guarantees that students receive personalized attention and support, fostering a sense of achievement and readiness as they approach their IGCSE examinations.


40 Classes/Month

4 Topics Per Subject

60 Hrs/Month

Access to Exam Revision

240 Hrs of Training

Complete Grooming in 4 Months

Choose Your Plan

Tutopiya’s IGCSE programs are designed to help students ace their exams. Each plan will cater to the unique needs of each student.

We recognize that what may be effective for one student may not necessarily be the best approach for another.

Unlimited Access to
1 Subject

MYR 199 Monthly
  • Live Revision Classes
  • Diagnosis and Progress Tracker
  • Unlmited Access to learning Platform
  • Access to All 4 Core Subjects
  • Access to All 5 Available Subject

Access to
4 Core Subjects

MYR 799 Monthly
  • Live Revision Classes
  • Diagnosis and Progress Tracker
  • Unlimited Accesss to learning Platform
  • Access to All 4 Core Subjects
  • Access to All 5 Available Subjects


Unlimited Access to
All 5 Subjects

MYR 999 Monthly
  • Live Revision Classes
  • Diagnosis and Progress Tracker
  • Unlimited Accesss to learning Platform
  • Access to All 4 Core Subjects
  • Access to All 5 Available Subjects

Meet The Star Tutors

Tutor Safra

Mathematics Tutor with 6+ Years of IGCSE Experience

Bachelors of Management Studies at the Open University of SriLanka

Head Tutor and Mathematics Tutor for online platforms

Tutor Nipuni

Biology Tutor with 14+ Years of IGCSE Experience

Masters in Education from Asia E University Malaysia

Certificate Course in Molecular Biology and Genetics at GeneTech Institute

Tutor Kavindi

Chemistry Tutor with 5+ Years of IGCSE Experience

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honors) from Monash University

Chemistry Expert in IGCSE and A-Levels having produced many A*

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