Singapore Math: The Benefits and History

singapore math

The primary school Singapore math syllabus is one of the best curriculums in the world. Find out more about the history of Singapore math and why it is so successful!

The history of Singapore math

The Singapore math curriculum was curated by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Singapore math focuses and emphasises the mastery of specific concepts by learning them in greater detail. 

The development of Singapore math began in the 1980s when the Singapore Ministry of Education developed its own mathematics textbooks that focused on problem-solving and developing thinking skills. 

The benefits of Singapore math & why it is successful



1 – Builds strong mathematical foundation in early years

In primary school, students start to build a sturdy foundation for their maths concepts. The main focus of Singapore math is to ensure that students understand the concepts thoroughly. 

This helps students to build on their existing concepts as they move forward, requiring little to no need for re-learning the topics. 

2 – In sequence 

The curriculum is structured in a sequence that allows students to learn easier. They will be able to build on the knowledge that they already possess. Students can also connect the dots easier for learning new concepts faster. 

Hence, it will allow learning to be accelerated without the need for additional or supplementary work. 

3 – Mastery of concepts

Secondary and tertiary mathematics requires students to have a strong foundation in their primary school math. Hence, students have to master their foundation topics to be able to excel in their secondary and tertiary math. 

The curriculum ensures students learn the topics in greater depth, rather than covering many topics. The curriculum also carries out assessments to ensure that students are grasping the concepts. 

Primary school math is extremely important for future progression. Hence it is crucial to focus on your child’s foundation knowledge when they are young. 

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4 – Visual aids

Students solve mathematical problems with visual aids such as bar models, graphs etc.

This helps students to improve their understanding and comprehension skills as they can connect the dots to solve the problem. 





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