8 Essential Tips and Tricks to help you learn English easily

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The English language is a universal language as it is widely spoken worldwide. English is also one of the most studied languages in the world. it would be extremely useful if there were ways to learn English easily.

The English language is considered one of the easiest languages to learn, and the challenging part of the language is the grammar and sentence structure. However, with enough practice, English can be easy to grasp and learn. 

Here are 8 tips and tricks essential for learning English. 

1 – Read anything and everything 

Storybooks, literature, newspapers, websites, brochures, emails, anything! Reading exposes you to new words as well as helping you to build and strengthen your English. 

This is because you will be reading words that you have already come across, hence reinforcing those words in your mind. 

Learning a new language requires constant practise and reinforcement, so as to build muscle memory around it. 

Intentionally spend a sufficient amount of time to read or look through your English notes so as to practice consistently!

Tips for beginners

Don’t be afraid to read children’s books to start your English journey! We all have to start somewhere and we all started with children’s books.

2 – Listen to English language-related content 

Watch the news, watch documentaries, watch movies, listen to English podcasts, watch sitcoms!

Listening isn’t going to be enough, try listening and saying along with the broadcaster. Pay attention to the way they enunciate the words and their sentence structure. It can be difficult to grasp what they are saying in the beginning but it will gradually become easier to understand (be patient). 

3 – Talk the English language 

It may be difficult to speak in a language that you are not yet comfortable with but it is only through speaking out loud that you are able to become confident with it. 

You can speak to friends that are also learning English or speak to people that are fluent in English, either will help you to become better at the language. 

Speaking out loud helps greatly in retaining information as you are saying and listening at the same time. It is much more effective as compared to just reading or writing. 

The first steps are always tough but it is the only way to become fluent in English! 

Tips for those who are unable to speak English to somebody 

    • Get a one to one English tutor 
    • Read your English out loud to yourself 
    • Youtube the pronunciation of words you are not certain about 

4 – Be proactive 

If you are confused about the language, don’t be afraid to ask or search it up online. Don’t sit on your doubts, be curious, ask questions. You will find yourself taking away so much more at the end of the day.

If you are attending an English course, ask your tutor, seek for answers. 

If you are learning English by yourself, find a supportive community that could help you progress. You can find any English discord servers or subreddits to get the support you need. 

5 – Study smart to learn English easily

Learning a language is much like learning any other subjects in schools. It is important to choose the right study techniques to reap the most out of it. 

Use the active recall and spaced repetition study method when learning English. Active recall and spaced repetition is an effective way to convert short term memory into the long term. It helps you to build muscle memory to retain the information for a longer period of time. 

This method is extremely effective for learning languages. 

6 – Start with the essential 

It can be overwhelming when you are just starting to learn a new language or English. Take it one step at a time and only get what you need. 

If you are learning the language for communication purposes, try learning conversational English on Skillshare or Youtube. If you are learning English as a student, find a tutor that can help you with the syllabus. If you are learning English for travel purposes, travel and tourism vocabularies should be your focal point. 

It is important to identify the purpose of learning English. It helps you to set a goal for yourself and learn what is essential for you. You will also be able to get the materials you need specifically. 

7 – Find fun ways to learn the English language

Learning a language can be tedious, but what if you can make it fun? Sing at the top of your lungs to your favourite English song, understand the meaning behind the song! 

Go to the museum, to the zoo, to discovery centres! 

Play English games such as scrabble or crossword puzzles, heads up, draw something! 

Got a few friends? Play Skribbl.io together! It’s an online game, similar to Draw Something! It is a great and fun way to remember new vocabularies! 

8 – Don’t translate everything 

We do sometimes have the tendency to use Google Translate when we are unsure about the word in a foreign language. However, avoid this temptation to Google Translate everything. 

Google translate may distort and change the original meaning of the sentence. It would also sound awkward to a native speaker when you translate into their language. 

Tip, instead of Google Translating, try asking a fluent speaker in English and your first language to help you with understanding. 

In a nutshell

It is important to know that learning English takes time and patience, it is not easy mastering a language but enjoy the process and you will get there eventually! 


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