SummerTopiya 2024 | Online Summer Program

Where Learning Meets Fun & Creativity

Join us from 29th June to 28th July (Weekends Only) for an engaging and educational summer program designed for students aged 6-20!

Online Summer Programs

Why SummerTopiya?

The ultimate summer program to keep children engaged, learning, and having fun—all from the comfort of their homes. It is designed to cater to different age groups and interests, ensuring a memorable & productive summer.

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What to Expect

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Gain new knowledge, develop creative skills, and enhance social abilities.


Participate from anywhere, with all activities conducted online.

Engaging and Fun

Designed to keep students entertained and stimulated during their summer break.

Join 10,000+ Students Who've Chosen to Trust Us!

Where Learning Meets Fun & Creativity

Tiny Trailblazers (Ages 6-10):

 ✤ Academia: Math Mingles and Creative Writing
ZooTOPIA: Animal Safaris and Zoo Tales
 ✤ Mad Science: Kitchen Chemistry and DIY Gadgets
 ✤ Artventures: Cartoon Drawing and Mini Crafts
 ✤ Win For Fun: Spelling Bees and Math Challenges

Teen Trailblazers (Ages 11-15):

 ✤ Academia: Robotics, Engineering, and Coding
Wild Wonders: Environmental Science and Wildlife
 ✤ Leadwise: Cultivate leadership skills and public speaking
 ✤ Artventures: Calligraphy and Baking
 ✤ Win For Fun: Trivia Nights and Pictionary Extravaganzas

Trailblazing Titans (Ages 16-20):

 ✤ Etiquette Essentials: Interview etiquette & communication
Career Navigator: Career assessments and industry insights
 ✤ Self Mastery: Goal setting, time management, and self-care
 ✤ Artventures: DIY Decor and Filmmaking
 ✤ Win For Fun: Unity Unleashed games and Scrabble challenges

Ready for the most exciting summer program of 2024!