7 Effective Ways to Learning Spanish Fast

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Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world behind Chinese? The number of people learning Spanish is steadily increasing over the years. 

According to a 2011 paper by U.S. Census Bureau Demographers Jennifer Ortman and Hyon B. Shin, the number of Spanish speakers is projected to rise through 2020 to anywhere between 39 million and 43 million, depending on the assumption one makes about immigration.

Here are some benefits of learning Spanish

1 – Make you more employable 

2 – Opens doors to more opportunities

3 – Strengthen connections with other cultures 

With that, let’s dive into the 7 most effective ways to learn Spanish fast

7 Effective Ways to Learn Spanish Fast

1 – Be consistent

This point is especially important for generally everything in life, but when it comes to learning Spanish, a new language, you will have to be even more consistent. Learning the Spanish language requires you to be consistent with the learning. Spend at least 30 minutes a day practising Spanish. This helps you to build muscle memory around the language, which is essential for improving the language. 

2 – Read and listen to all things Spanish to Learn Spanish fast


You are highly encouraged to read everything that is in Spanish to start building up your vocabulary and understanding sentence structures. For beginners, it is no shame to purchase yourself a children’s Spanish book for novice reading. You can keep rereading the book to strengthen your grammar and vocabulary of the language.

Alternatively, the newspaper is a great way to build up your language skills. This is because the newspaper presents itself in an objective tone, with accurate punctuation, grammar and vocabulary. This is great if you do not want to pile your house up with a bunch of Spanish storybooks. 


Listen to anything in Spanish, this can be a podcast, the radio station, the news, a television show or YouTube videos. It is best to listen and read the language at the same time for beginners, this will help you to connect the words to their correct pronunciation. 

What is good about listening and learning Spanish from all these different channels is that they all speak accurate Spanish. This is essential for beginners as the slangs and shortcuts can be learnt later when you are far more familiar with the language. Get the basics right to go far! 

Some YouTube videos have Spanish captions that allow their viewers to listen and read the subtitles at the same time. 

3 – Put in a conscious effort for learning Spanish

To get better at something, you will need to put in the effort and time to work on it. It is the same when it comes to learning Spanish. You will need to be willing to spend time correcting your mistakes and keep learning actively. 

Here are 2 tips you can be an active learner 

1 – Search up words you do not know/ are unfamiliar with immediately 

2 – Make sure you remember the mistakes you make and correct them respectively 

4 – Be brave to speak the language 

Surely, to improve, you will have to make mistakes. This is part and parcel of learning almost anything. You will make mistakes and you will fail along the way, but it is far more important that you learn to embrace all your mistakes. 

Speaking the language is the most important point of learning a language. Speaking the language will allow you to listen and understand where you might have made a mistake. 

Do not be shy to speak Spanish when you are an absolute beginner. This is a great opportunity to learn. Speak to your Spanish friends and have them correct your mistakes when they spot any. This is how you will know where you made a mistake and how you can correct it. 

5 – Go on learning platforms

Learning platforms are a great way to learn a language in depth. Skillshare offers language classes for learners who are looking for conversational purposes. There are also YouTube videos that offer you that, but for free. 

Skillshare offers language lessons in bitesize forms so you can take it slow since learning a language takes a lot of time and practice. Because of the flexibility and short duration of Skillshare lessons, you can find time to slide in one or two videos every alternate day and spend the other time practising what you learnt.

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YouTube is also a great way for you to learn the language, there are some YouTube channels that offer bitesize Spanish language lessons too. 

Here’s an example of a Youtube channel offering Spanish lessons:

6 – Find a Spanish tutor 

Having a personal tutor helps you to grow effectively as you will be learning Spanish religiously during your tuition session. Additionally, having a tutor will help you to improve Spanish faster as they can correct your mistakes on the spot and they will tell you how to correct those mistakes and how to avoid making such mistakes. 

If committing religiously to a 2-hour physical tuition lesson every week is too difficult, opt for online tuition with Tutopiya. Tutopiya offers online tuition for school curriculum students (IB, IGCSE to name a few) as well as conversational tuition. 

Tutopiya offers Spanish lessons for students taking the IGCSE and IB curriculum. We also offer different curriculum options for Spanish. 

Tutopiya Live Online Tutoring provides Live and Online tuition lessons for our students and learners. This means you can be remote, learning from the comfort of your own home, flexibly. Tutopiya offers our students the means to schedule their lessons from as short as 30 minutes to 2 hours, any time of the day. You will meet your tutor online, in a virtual classroom, individually. 

For more information about Spanish lessons with Tutopiya, contact our experts to get a free trial lesson today! 

7 – Surround yourself with all things Spanish

Surrounding yourself with Spanish related things is a great way to always keep in touch with the language. 

Here are some tips on how you can incorporate the language you are learning into your everyday life: 

1 – Change the language of your phone or laptop to Spanish 

2 – Translate your native language words into Spanish and vice versa

3 – Subscribe to Spanish e-newsletter 

4 – Read or listen to something Spanish during your commute

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In a nutshell, learning Spanish is not going to be easy and smooth sailing, you will need a lot of patience and determination to keep going forward. This is how you will finally be able to master the language. Tutopiya wishes all our students the best in their Spanish learning journey! Adiós for now!


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