How to View Lesson History and Lesson Recordings on Tutopiya

lesson recordings and lesson history

Lesson Recordings are now free for all students. You can simply access your past lesson recordings by following the steps below!

How to View Lesson Recordings on Tutopiya

  1. Firstly, head over the ‘Lesson History’ Tab. In this tab, it will show all the past lessons you have had on Tutopiya.
  2. Details will be displayed, showing which Tutor it was and when the class was conducted.
  3. You will be able to view the Recordings as well as Tutor’s Feedback for that lesson.
  4. To view lesson recording, simply press ‘View’.

Lesson Recordings


5. Lesson recordings allow students to play or download lesson recordings. Students can choose to play/ download the Video and Audio or play/download the Audio of the lesson only.


 How to Search for Lesson Recordings on Tutopiya

  1. Under the same Lesson History tab, search by choosing a date range and click ‘Find’. It will help to filter the lessons according to the date.

Watch the steps here

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