How to Update Your Profile on Tutopiya


Here is a quick guide to show you how students can easily update their profile from their Tutopiya accounts.

Updating the profile will help Tutopiya organize all the student’s details and keep a note of the subjects that the student needs help with.

There is also a separate section where all the Tutors that have been assigned to you are mentioned along with the subject they teach.

By using these quick steps you can update your profile in no time.

How to Update Your Profile on Tutopiya

Firstly, students have to fill in their ‘Basic Details’ such as their name, parent’s details, gender and email address in the required fields.

Secondly, students have to press the Update button. Please note that all fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

Then, the next step is to update the ‘Subjects and Curriculum’ section.

How to Add the Subjects and Curriculum

Here, the students have to mention the subjects and curriculums that they need tuition for.

They can do this by clicking on the button ‘Add Subject and Curriculum’ on the bottom right-hand corner


After selecting the preferred subject, curriculum, and grade from the options shown in the following list,  the student can click the ‘Add’ button as shown.

After this step the student’s chosen subject, curriculum and grade will appear as shown below:


Following this step, the student can immediately request for a FREE live, interactive, and personalized Trial for IGCSE Cambridge English for Year 2 with one of our specialist IGCSE English tutors.


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