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Tutopiya exam results

At Tutopiya, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity and chance to receive an individualized and personalized education. We ensure our students get the best experience and quality online tuition with us, hence our team earnestly vets and screens our tutors through a series of vigorous training, all to ensure our students receive outstanding and quality online tuition from their tutors. 


Tutopiya started off with a pool of trusted tutors and loyal students, and over the years, we are pleased and honored to have more experienced tutors and interested students join us. We have now successfully attained more than 100,000 hours of live tuition spread across over 22 countries worldwide, including Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States of America, Australia, and so much more. Tutopiya now has a pool of over 500 tutors on board with us who have received vigorous training from us to perform and deliver quality online tuition on our platform. 


Over at Tutopiya, we are immensely proud of all our tutors and students who have put in the effort for one another. Our student’s results are a reflection of our tutor’s and team’s effort and we are overjoyed to share with you feedback from our students and parents. 


tutopiya exam results

Student and parent feedback 

Tutopiya exam results 


By the way Rohan achieved an A in his IGCSE mocks for English Language and Literature, Mum and Rohan were happy!

> Sent by Tutor William Grove



My son had sat for the IGCSE Math exam on January and had received his results. We are grateful that Ms. Fairooza had taught our son, he had improved a lot. > zuheir


Watch video feedback by one of our students, Aditya on their experience with our tutor and the platform! 




tutopiya exam results



Aidan scored distinction for his Maths this year both T1 and 2. He was a B student and now he is super confident attempting any maths questions. Priscilla did a good job despite having her exam and ongoing projects.



tutopiya exam results


tutopiya exam results


Dear tutor. Alhamdollah Abdulrahman got 99 out of 100 in his final exam I hope he will keep it up like this thanks alot for your efforts inshAllah we will contact you again within few months to continue classes ?


I have received my IB results yesterday! I got 37 as my total score and i got 5 for spanish! Thank you so much for your help!

I especially thank my tutors, Ms. Rebeca and Ms. Sandra>> Pramit Bannerjee




tutopiya exam results

Benefits of joining Tutopiya for your exams 


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1 – Customize study plans for students

Tutopiya offers diagnostic assessments to understand and gain insightful information about each student’s learning abilities and standards. Knowing that every student is unique and different Tutopiya is able to curate and provide personalized lesson plans for every individual student, each targeting the student’s specific needs. 


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2 – We offer flexible timings  

Since lessons can be done at home easily with no need for travel, students’ lesson plans can also be flexible to student schedules. Booking a slot with your tutor is easier now than ever with our platform, students are given the opportunity to have flexible schedules as well as lesson duration to suit their busy student schedules.


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3 – High parental engagement 

Parents are given constructive feedback on their children from their tutor after each lesson. This helps parents to understand their child’s learning progress and feel included in their child’s learning process. 


tutopiya exam results

4 – Outstanding tutors and guaranteed results 

At Tutopiya, we screen and vet our tutors through a series of vigorous training sessions to ensure all our tutors can deliver quality online tuition. Our tutors are also internationally qualified with experience in their said fields. 


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5 – Online tuition is live and interactive 

Our online platform offers one on one tuition in the comfort of students’ homes. Our online tuitions are conducted live and the learning platform is designed with tools that are useful for both tutor and student. Lessons are also interactive to keep students engaged and attentive. 



tutopiya exam results

6 – Student-Tutor resource portal 

Our students are set and graded on targetted homework practice, past year papers, assessments, and assignments from our expert Tutors using our specially developed portal. 


tutopiya exam results

7 – Lessons are recorded for playback 

Every online tuition lesson with us is recorded. Recorded lessons allow students to play back their lesson recordings and refresh their memory as needed. Students do not have to worry about missing out on points during their lessons as they can easily play back their recordings in their profiles. 


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