Top 10 IGCSE Schools in Singapore

Top IGCSE Schools in Singapore

In Singapore, the majority of the students here take what is known as the GCE examinations. It stands for General Certificate of Education and it is commonly referred to as either the GCE O Level or A-Level examinations depending on the level of study you are in. Today, we will explore the Top IGCSE Schools in Singapore!


The GCE O and A Level is comparable to the IGCSE Cambridge O and A Levels, except GCE examinations in Singapore, which are curated for Singaporean students. The GCE examinations are curated in a way that they offer 3 main mother tongue languages due to the wide ethnicity in Singapore. They are mainly the Chinese, Malay, and Tamil languages. 


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It is also compulsory for students to take a mother tongue language unless one has a special reason for not enrolling in it. 


In contrast, the IGCSE curriculum offers the students a wider range of subjects (subject to school’s availability). Its qualifications are also commonly used to enroll in overseas universities. IGCSE certificates are also accepted in Singapore’s local universities. 


Perhaps you are looking for an international school for you are an international student, hence here are 10 top IGCSE schools you can look into for choosing the IGCSE curriculum! The list is in no particular order. 


Top 10 IGCSE Schools in Singapore


Hwa Chong International School - Wikipedia

(Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hwa_Chong_International_School)

1 – Hwa Chong International School 

Hwa Chong International School is affiliated with Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore). IGCSE curriculum will be taken at Year 4 (Grade 10). Upon the attainment of the IGCSE qualification, students may proceed with the GCE ‘A’ levels, SAT, International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and various other certifications.

Hwa Chong International also offers International Baccalaureate Diploma Program on top of the IGCSE curriculum. 

Website: https://www.hcis.edu.sg/ 

Contact: (65) 6464 7077


St Joseph's International School International-schools.org

(Source: https://international-schools.org/school/malaysia/st-josephs-institution-international-school-2/)

2 – St Joseph’s Institution International

St Joseph’s Institution International comprises an elementary and high school. The elementary school students range in age from 4-12 while in High School the students are aged 12–18. The school teaches International Primary Curriculum (IPC) for elementary education, which is used by over 1000 schools in 65 countries around the world. Singapore maths and Chinese are also included in the curriculum as Chinese is part of the fabric of the school culture. Spanish is offered in Grades 5 and 6.

In Grades 9 and 10, under the IGCSE course, students will take 9 subjects. They are also allowed to choose to take the Foundation IB curriculum in Grade 10. 

Website: https://www.sais.edu.sg/ 

Contact: +65 6602 7247 (Admissions) | +65 6709 4800 (Parent Helpdesk)

Email: admissions@sais.edu.sg 



ACS International School Singapore - International School Parent

(Source: https://www.internationalschoolparent.com/schools/acs-international-school-singapore/)

3 – ACS (International) Singapore

ACS (International) Singapore also offers both IGCSE and IB curricula. Anglo-Chinese School (International) is a Methodist private school, owned by the Methodist Church in Singapore. Students take a 6-year course, with the IGCSE in the fourth year and the International Baccalaureate in the sixth year. Students in Years 3 and 4, will be able to select their subjects and take them at IGCSE level and at Singaporean GCE ‘O’ Level for mother tongue subjects. 

Website: https://www.acsinternational.edu.sg

Contact: 6472 1477 

Email: ro_eastchina@acsinternational.edu.sg 



Age Level Placement - EtonHouse International School Broadrick

(Source: https://www.etonhouse.edu.sg/school/broadrick/age-level-placement/)

4 – EtonHouse International School 

Similar to the rest, EtonHouse International School offers both IGCSE and IB to all its students. They offer the IGCSE in the student’s secondary years and the choice to switch to IB for their higher education. 

Website: https://www.etonhouse.edu.sg/ 

Contact: +65 6690 3167


Dulwich College (Singapore) Review - WhichSchoolAdvisor

(Source: https://whichschooladvisor.com/singapore/school-review/dulwich-college-singapore)

5 – Dulwich College 

Dulwich College offers the IGCSE in Years 10 and 11 as a preparation for its students to sit for the national examinations. 

Website: https://www.dulwich.org/ 

Contact: 6890 1000



Best Private International School in Singapore - GIIS Singapore

(Source: https://singapore.globalindianschool.org/)

6 – Global Indian International School 

The GIIS offers IGCSE Cambridge examinations to students aged 14 to 16.GIIS believes that the Cambridge IGCSE provides a strong foundation for higher-level courses, such as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Find out more about how they structure their IGCSE curriculum over at GIIS here

Website: Link to GIIS

Talk to them: https://abudhabi.globalindianschool.org/admissions/enquiry-form  



Tanglin Trust School Singapore - International School Parent

(Source: https://www.internationalschoolparent.com/schools/tanglin-trust-school-singapore/)

7 – Tanglin Trust School 

Tanglin Trust School is an international school in Singapore run as a non-profit organization. Established in 1925, Tanglin Trust School provides British-based learning with an international perspective for students aged 3–18.

They have a detailed curriculum plan for their students over at their website here! They offer students the IGCSE route up till their tertiary education or alternatively, allow them to switch to IB after their IGCSE curriculum in their upper secondary school years. 

Website: https://www.tts.edu.sg/ 

Contact: 6778 0771

Email: admissions@tts.edu.sg 



NPS - School information

(Source: https://www.teacherhorizons.com/schools/asia-singapore-singapore-nps-international-school)

8 – NPS International School

NPS International School enrolls students from nursery through to Grade 12. The NPS International campus is located to the East of Singapore. The school also offers IB, CBSE, and IGCSE to students.

Website: https://www.npsinternational.com.sg/ 

Contact: +65-62942400

Email: register@npsinternational.edu.sg



FIS – 辅仁国际学校

(Source: https://www.fis.edu.sg/)

9 – Furen International School

Furen International School provides preparatory courses for students taking Cambridge IGCSE, Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level, CIE A-Level, Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level examinations, and Lower Secondary (Teachout of Lower Secondary by 30 June 2019). To further enhance our courses, we also provide IELTS programs. Find out more about them here!

Website: https://www.fis.edu.sg/ 

Contact: +65 68426001 

Email: admissions@fis.edu.sg 



Sir Manasseh Meyer International School Review - WhichSchoolAdvisor

(Source: https://whichschooladvisor.com/singapore/school-review/sir-manasseh-meyer-international-school)

10 – Sir Manasseh Meyer International School 

At SMMIS, they try to include all the best parts of the world into every aspect of their school life. They wish to provide students with the experience of making friends across different nationalities and cultures through shared interests and experiences. Find out more about their curriculum and school life here

Website: admissions@smm.edu.sg

Contact: +65 6331 4633


If you are looking for a complete list of the IGCSE schools in Singapore, we have also written an article on them! 

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We sure hope that this list of Top IGCSE Schools in Singapore has helped you to catch a glimpse of the IGCSE and international schools in Singapore! Be sure to call up the schools and find out more about the school life, fees and facilities there to find the best fit for your child! 

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