Study Planners: How to Study Effectively & Efficiently

study planners

One of the most sought after tips is how to study effectively and productively before examinations. Here’s what could help – study planners! 

Study planners are great study buddies when it comes to studying or doing revision. 

How can study planners help? 

One of the studying tips that Tutopiya emphasizes here is to have a goal or objective for each study session. The task need not be a huge one, it can be as small as analyzing a paragraph or passage. This is dependent on the amount of time you have for each study session.

Having a goal or objective for each study session helps you to keep track of your progress. It keeps you on task and focused on the main objective of the study session.

What better way to track your progress by using a study planner. 

Practice listing down your to-dos for the study session and an end goal in mind. Study planners are also a great way to keep yourself on track and organised with your studying. 

They also help to provide you a direction as to where you can begin studying or revising. 

Here are some printables made in-house to encourage our students to keep pushing on for their examinations. 

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Planner printables for download

1 – Holiday study planner set






2 – Weekly study planner set



3 – Generic study planner

study planners study planners study planners study planners



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