Should I have an Online Tutor? 10 Advantages of Having an Online Tutor

online tutor

Online tuition is becoming more popular and widely accepted now. Though many are still used to the traditional face-to-face tuition, online tuition is starting to become the new norm. Here are some advantages that you can reap from having an online tutor in this day and age! 


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10 Advantages of Having an Online Tutor

Online Tutor

1 – Convenient & Accessible 

One of the greatest advantages of having an online tutor is the convenience it brings. You simply do not need much to attend online tuition since all you really need is to have an electronic device and be present. Hence, the great convenience that comes with online tuition is simply too good. 


Online Tutor

2 – Easier to find a suitable tutor online 

Finding a tutor that matches your learning style and one who understands your weaknesses, is easier said than done. You are limited by many factors when it comes to looking for a suitable face-to-face tutor and one major factor is location. You may have a good tutor that is worth considering but he or she stays too far away from you. However, this would not be of concern when you have an online tutor. You will also have a greater chance of finding a tutor that is suitable to your learning needs as you are no longer limited in many ways. You are also looking at a greater pool as compared to sourcing for a physical tutor. The odds are definitely greater with online tuition! 


Online Tutor

3 – Online Tuition is easily accessible 

The great thing about online learning is that you are able to be connected to your tutor almost anywhere now! With WiFi and wireless connectivity, learning has never been easier. You no longer have to be physically present to attend a lesson. You can simply find a spot where you can be connected to the net and meet your tutor virtually. How accessible! 


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4 – Having an online tutor offers greater flexibility

With online tuition, you can eliminate travel and prep time as it is either completely eliminated or greatly reduced. Online tuition also offers the ability to customize, create and attend lessons at a time that is most convenient for you and your tutor. It will ultimately allow you to better manage time and have time for other important things and events in your life. 


Online Tutor

5 – Online Tutor has larger access to resources 

The internet carries more than 94 zettabytes of information as of 2022, you will never have to worry about not being able to find resources to study materials and tools. Transmitting resources is also hassle-free now with WiFi and Bluetooth. We no longer have to carry heavy textbooks and notes around since everything can be stored on our electronic devices easily. You also can easily find extra practices or revision notes online without purchasing all the assessment books in your local bookstore! 


Online Tutor

6 – Study or attend lessons in the comfort of your familiar space with your online tutor

Studying in a place that you are unfamiliar with can be uncomfortable and can result in lower productivity. However, with online tuition, you are able to study and attend lessons in the comfort of your familiar space. Perhaps you enjoy visiting the cafe and feel more productive attending a lesson in a cafe ambiance, you are allowed to do so! Maybe you prefer to study in the comfort of your own home where materials are easily reachable. The world is your oyster. You are free to decide on little things like this and it can greatly improve your productivity level as you feel comfortable in the environment you take your lessons. 


Online Tutor

7 – Online Tuition saves time and money 

Taking your lessons remote helps to save time and money on traveling. As technology advances, humans also seek ways to make lives easier and more convenient. Hence, being able to cut down on travel time and money is a big win! The time and money can be saved and spent on things that are more productive and useful. 


Online Tutor

8 – Advance in your e-learning skills 

Though online tuition can reap many benefits, it still boils down to the student’s ability to learn on a virtual platform. There are bound to be things that not everyone likes and online learning is one of them. However, the pandemic has forced many learners to start using virtual platforms to continue their learning. This can be a valuable skill to attain at a young age as online learning is here to stay. Your future job training could be all e-learning, hence being familiar with it now can help you to continue advancing in your e-learning skills and make sure you get the most out of e-learning with your own learning habits. 


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9 – A wider selection of subjects 

Having a physical tutor for every different subject can mean either different locations, different teaching styles, or different experiences. Moreover, not all tutors can teach all your subjects at a professional level. Hence, the chances are, you might be receiving tuition from a tutor who is an expert in English but only good at Math. But, with online tuition, you have the chance to find different tutors who are experts in their said subjects and receive high-quality tuition for all your subjects. You will no longer have to settle for bare minimum tuition because it is too much hassle to hire different tutors for different subjects. With online tuition, you can find as many online tutors to meet your learning needs for different subjects. 


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10 – Learn technical skills

You may start to find many online tools available online and offline such as Microsoft tools to enhance your learning. You may not know but some of these tools are great pals when it comes to learning. Microsoft Excel is one good example, it has many features that it offers, it doesn’t just help you to plot graphs, it can help you to analyze data and more! They are great tools to use for mathematical and statistical studies. Of course, there are more than just Microsoft tools, there are online tools specific to subjects like math and science. These tools can help you to understand and reinforce concepts. 

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