SAT 2019: Key Dates, Registration, Application Deadlines

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The SAT 2019

Scholastic Assessment Test, also widely known as SAT, tests student’s abilities and readiness to enter college. SATs are held annually and globally. It is also used for college admissions in the United States. SATs happen around the same time every year. 


This is a quick overview of the key dates and information of the SAT2019.


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Before SAT

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SAT 2019 Dates

SAT 2019 Dates Registration deadline Late Registration deadline Subject Test Offered
9 March 8 February 19 February (mailed)

27 February (phone & online)

4 May 5 April 16 April (mailed)

24 April (phone and online)

1 June 3 May 14 May (mailed)

22 May (phone and online)


The cut-off of these deadlines is 11:59 pm, Eastern Time, US.

SATs are offered 7 times per year in the United States and 5 times per year outside of the United States.


SAT and Subject Test

SATs are offered students to allow students to make admission decisions to be awarded scholarships. Whereas for SAT Subject Test, it is used for admission and course placement.


SAT SAT Subject Test
Duration 3 hours (without essay)

3 hours 50 minutes (with essay)

1 hour
Score 400 – 1600 200- 800


You can’t take SAT and SAT subject tests on the same test date. However, you are allowed to take 3 Subject Tests on one test date,


SAT Fees

SAT costs US47.50 and SAT with Essay costs US64.50

For SAT subject tests, a basic registration fee would be required. The basic registration fee is US26, the price of individual tests is US22 while Language Tests with Listening cost US26.


SAT Preparation

Tutopiya offers live online SAT private, one to one courses by highly experienced instructors selected from United States Universities.


Things to take note of for SAT 2019

Make sure you have the following before you take SAT:

1 – Admission Ticket and photo ID

2 – Approved calculator and extra batteries

3 – Silent watches and alarms

It is also best for you to leave your electronic devices at home, as the test administrator can deny you from entering the examination hall. It is always better to avoid situations like this and be extra careful on this day. 

Remember to also arrive at the test site early as you will not be allowed to enter the examination hall once the test has begun.

After SAT

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SAT 2019 Results

Results of SAT are usually released 2-3 weeks from the test date. 6 weeks for mailed, paper scores.


Moving Forward: College Application

Colleges usually start accepting applications around January 1 to February 1, but it varies with different colleges. For early applications, it usually falls in the month of November.

You can make a choice to take SATs again the next available time if you did not get the results you desire. There is no limit to how many times you can take SAT in a year.



Looking for other information about the SAT? Read this informative guide to the subjects on the SAT. What about some useful tips to study for the SAT? Read the top 10 study tips for the SAT.

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