What is special about MOE teachers and what does it mean to take tuition from them

moe teachers

The Ministry of Education in Singapore, also known as MOE by the locals, designs, formulates, and implements education policies on education structure, curriculum, and assessment. The folks often refer to the teachers in local government schools as the MOE teachers. Today, we will break down why MOE teachers are special and why taking tuition from them is beneficial for your child. 


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moe teachers

(Source: The Straits Times)

What are MOE teachers? 

The term has been coined by the local folks in Singapore as a label that they are teaching or have taught in local government schools. 


Why are they special? What does it mean to be a MOE teacher?

MOE teachers are trained to deliver the local curriculum to the students in local schools. Most MOE teachers have graduated from the National Institute of Education. The NIE is an autonomous institute of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. It is also the sole teacher education institute for teachers in Singapore. Otherwise, to become a teacher in local schools, one must own at least a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of study you wish to teach. 


Teachers who are teaching or have taught in local schools for a long time understand the curriculum well. Additionally, graduating from the NIE also means they are taught to teach. They learn the methods of teaching and how to teach well during their course of study in NIE. Hence, when they are attached to a school to begin their teaching career, they are ready to begin gaining experience with handling the children and conveying the lessons in understandable language. 


Hence, what does it mean to hire a MOE teacher and what are the benefits? 

Hiring a MOE teacher to be your tutor could be a gold card for your child and here are the benefits. 


Benefits of hiring a MOE teacher 

moe teachers

1 – They already know how to teach

When you hire a MOE teacher, you do not have to fear that they cannot teach your child well. They have years-long experience and more so if they possess an NIE certificate. 

Additionally, these experiences surely helped them to handle children and curate a good study plan that fits your child. This is because they would be able to spot your child’s weaknesses and correct them immediately. They will understand which methods of teaching will reap the best results for your child as they have that experience. 

The experience they have is important as they become better teachers because of it. 


moe teachers

2 – Familiar with the subject and curriculum in school 

Teachers who have taught in local government schools know both the subject and curriculum well. They are aware of how tight the curriculum could be at times but they would already know how to structure. Moreover, hiring them as tutors is beneficial for your child. This is because your child will have someone who is reliable to go to for academic help. 

MOE teachers would know exactly what to look out for when reviewing or tutoring them so fret not!



Elder sister and brother studying at home

3 – Tips and tricks for national examinations

With years of experience, our MOE teachers surely have some tips and trick up their sleeves to help their students. But we will never know until we hire one of them to be our tutors! Hence, parents may favor hiring a MOE teacher as they know what some of these teachers can bring to the table for their children. 


Cheerful schoolgirl and teacher reading book in library

4 – Spotting your child’s weaknesses 

Teachers with years-long of experience in the teaching field will know what are the commonly made mistakes in the subject, hence they might be quick to spot certain mistakes and weaknesses the child may have. This is crucial and beneficial as many students tend to over-focus on their strengths and neglect their weaknesses. The reason is, our brains do not favor difficult tasks and if they can’t seem to figure out the answer to the question, they might give up quickly. Therefore, experienced teachers have a way of closing up knowledge gaps and ensuring the child is on the right track for the subject. 


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5 – Useful resources and information

These teachers will also have useful resources and information they can provide your child regarding the examinations. They will also know what types of resources are most applicable to your child. Hence able to source the most suitable assessment books for them. This is a great benefit as teachers who aren’t from the school will not know what is tested and omitted from the exams and some assessment books are just not the right fit for the curriculum.  


In a nutshell, having an experienced teacher is already a plus point, but having somebody who is aware of the national examinations standards, assessment and curriculum is huge leverage. Are you looking for one for your child? Be sure to reach out to our friendly experts to know more about our MOE teachers! 


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