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An Overview To PSLE English Tuition

Are you looking for the best PSLE English tuition or PSLE English tutor to help your child score better in their upcoming PSLE English Examination? 

Here is what you need to know as a parent before you choose a tutor for your child.

This article will cover:

    • The new PSLE grading system (detailed graphic to show the new scoring system) 
    • Is PSLE English Tuition Really Necessary?
    • PSLE English Assessment Overview
      • Assessment Objectives 
    • Is the PSLE English Difficult to Learn? 
      • How PSLE English Tuition can help you and your child?
      • Tutopiya’s Tution Framework
      • Why Tutopiya (watch a video to take a look at our online lessons are conducted!)

The New PSLE Grading System

Changes have been made to the PSLE grading system.

These changes will be implemented in the year 2021.

2020 will be the end of the grades A-U.

There will be several effects caused by the changes in the PSLE grading system such as the Secondary Streaming. 

The upcoming new PSLE grading system will grade students based on Achievement Levels.

Instead of grades from A to U.

Refer our infographic to understand the new PSLE scoring system.


Is PSLE English Tuition Really Necessary?

The PSLE examination is the first and most crucial examination for your children.

Their PSLE scores will determine which secondary school and streams they will be enrolled in.

The English Language is an official and important language in Singapore.

It is the language that binds Singaporeans together without distinct segregation between the other official languages.

The Primary English will test students on the foundation of their English.

Looking closely at their sentence structures and grammar.

It also tests children on their comprehension skills using listening & written comprehension.

Considering the depth & importance of this subject to your child’s future, most parents agree that PSLE english tuition is necessary.

PSLE English Assesment Overview

Find a quick breakdown of the PSLE English Language Assessment Objectives (AO)

Paper 1 – Writing

AO1 Write to suit purpose, audience and context in a way that is clear and effective.
AO2 Use appropriate register and tone in a variety of texts.
AO3 Generate and select relevant ideas, organising and expressing them in a coherent and cohesive manner.
AO4 Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.
AO5 Use a variety of vocabulary appropriately, with clarity and precision.

Part 1 (Situation writing) –

Your child will be required to write a short functional piece.

(e.g. letter, email, report) to suit the purpose, audience and context of a given situation.

Part 2 (Continous writing)

Your child will be required to write a composition of at least 150 words in continuous prose on a given topic.

Three pictures will be provided on the topic offering different angles of interpretation.

Children may also come up with their own interpretation of the topic.

Paper 2 – Language Use & Comprehension

AO1 Demonstrate comprehension of a range of texts at the literal and inferential levels
AO2 Show understanding of implied meaning, and make judgement and evaluation, byreading and/or viewing closely and critically.
AO3 Show understanding of how contextual use of lexical and grammatical items shapes meaning.
AO4 Demonstrate the correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the appropriate use of vocabulary in given contexts.

Your child will be assessed on his/her ability to use language correctly and to comprehend visual and textual information.

Paper 3 – Listening Comprehension

AO1 Demonstrate understanding of the content of a variety of spoken texts at the literal and inferential levels.
AO2 Identify key messages, main ideas and details in a variety of spoken texts.
AO3 Infer and draw conclusions by listening critically.
AO4 Demonstrate the correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the appropriate use of vocabulary in given contexts.

Paper comprises of

  • 20 multiple-choice questions which test candidates’ ability to understand spoken English.
  • Texts may be in the form of news items, announcements, advertisements, instructions, explanations, conversations, speeches and stories.
  • Graphic representations will be used for the first seven items.
  • Each text will be read twice.
  • Time will be given for candidates to read the questions before the first reading of each text.

Paper 4 – Oral Communication

AO1 Read with good pronunciation, clear articulation and appropriate intonation in order to convey the information, ideas and feelings in a passage.
AO2 Produce a well-paced, fluent reading of a passage.
AO3 Express their personal opinions, ideas and experiences clearly and effectively in conversing with the examiner.
AO4 Speak fluently and with grammatical accuracy, using a range of appropriate vocabulary and structures.

Reading Aloud

  • Assessed on their ability to pronounce and articulate words clearly
  • Assessed on their ability to read fluently with appropriate expression & rhythm.


Stimulus-based Conversation

  • candidates are assessed on their ability to give a personal response

Is the PSLE English Difficult To Learn?

The English language is a subject that can be learned in many different ways.

Using different techniques.

However, when it comes to the PSLE English Language, many parents find it difficult to teach English to their children.

The major challenge in teaching English to their children for parents is that many parents are non-speaker of this language.

Hence many parents enroll their children into PSLE English tuitions to allow their children to learn with an experienced and professional tutor.

How PSLE English Tuition Can Help Your Child?

Any type of learning, online or face-to-face is only successful only with the best tutors.

PSLE English Tutors and teachers are the carriers of your children’s learning foundation for the English Language.

These tutors use effective teaching methods and techniques to teach your children.

Many of the PSLE English online tuitions in Singapore follow a specific structure where the subjects, topics and contents are perfectly aligned with the PSLE English curriculum.

Tutopiya’s Tuition Framework

Tutopiya is a Singapore based live online 1-1 tuition provider.

Tutopiya provides Live Online and interactive lessons to students with the use of our very own in-house developed virtual whiteboard.

We have a structured tuition framework that we follow to provide the best learning experience for our students.


Why Choose Tutopiya?

Tutopiya focuses on closing up any knowledge gaps and building a strong foundation for their weaker areas.

Tutopiya’s PSLE English Tuition/Primary English Tuition is able to help students to strengthen areas like:

  • Grammar, Vocabulary & Sentence Structure.
  • Comprehension Skills (listening and written comprehension)
  • Composition Writing (Creative Writing, Situational Writing, etc.)
  • Oral Communication (Pronunciation of words, how to converse in Stimulus-based communication)

Tutopiya also provides PSLE English Examination Prep.

For children attempting their upcoming school or national examinations.

Tutopiya’s tutors

Tutors are a big part of your child’s learning journey.

We understand that responsiblity.

We screen and train every tutor that teaches on our platform to ensure they are able to deliver quality online education to your child.

Our tutors are subject-trained specialists that specialize in a specific subject

Tutopiya provides experienced tutors like ex-MOE school teachers, long term full-time tutors as well as part-time tutors.

Tutopiya’s in-house developed virtual Whiteboard

Tutopiya specially developed a virtual whiteboard that allows your child and tutor to simultaneously learn and teach at the same time.

This whiteboard is packed with features and functions that help enhance the learning experience of the students, bridging any technological gaps that learning online might have.

This virtual whiteboard is also designed to be interactive where both your children and the tutor can write on the whiteboard simultaneously.


This allows the students to stay engaged and focused during online live lessons.


Watch this video of Tutor Michelle, an ex-MOE teacher, teaching English!

PSLE English Tuition Rates

Tutopiya provides online English tuitions for:

  • Primary 1-6 students
Tutor Type Hourly Rate
Part/Full-Time Tutor SGD25-27/h
Ex-MOE Teachers SGD25-30/h


How do Tutopiya’s Packages work?

You simply purchase a package plan.

Tutopiya has 4 main package plans and they are namely the:

  • Starter Plan (5 Hours),
  • Standard Plan (10 Hours),
  • Regular Plan (20 Hours) and
  • Premium Plan (30 Hours)

Use the hours for any subject you want for your child.

Ex: 5 Hours of English Tuition + 2 Hours of Math Tuition + 3 Hours of Science Tuition

All within a 10 hour package.

Let your child explore Tutopiya. Sign-up for a FREE 30-min trial lesson



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