Places to Study During Phase 2 and 3 Singapore


Top 5 Places to Study During Phase 2 & 3 Singapore


Singapore is possibly nearing the end of phase 2, but let’s not be too over the moon yet and let’s all continue to play a conserving role during this time. 


It has not been the most smooth-sailing year for all our students, especially the graduating cohort taking the national examinations. Learning has not only been brought online, with little chances of proper consultations with tutors and teachers, students’ favourite study spots have also been affected. 

Phase 2 Measures

Eateries, cafes and many study spots have measures put into place to curb the Covid situation in Singapore and students can no longer study like they used to. 


But you are here because you are hoping to still find a perfect study spot to go to during phase 2 before you sit for your exams. So, your wish is my command. 


Here’s a list of 5 places such as some schools, cafes as well as other study spots for you to consider taking your study there! 


Tutopiya encourages all students to take safe distancing measures seriously when studying in cafes, eateries and any mentioned places in the list below. Tutopiya wishes all students all the best for their examinations during this tough time. 


Let’s begin! 

1 – Community Centre 

Our neighbourhood community centre allows students to study there! There are approximately more than 370 community clubs across Singapore that allows students to study in comfort in air-conditioned rooms and Wi-Fi! 


You will need to register your credentials, mandatory scan-in for SafeEntry and temperature taking before you can be granted access to study in the CCs! 

(Source: Community study areas in CCs, RCs, and RNs for students. https://www.pa.gov.sg/newsroom/news/detail/Community-study-areas-in-CCs-RCs-and-RNs-for-students)


This photo is taken before Covid and phase 2, so you may expect some changes such as the requirement for safe distancing and of course, keeping your masks on while studying. 


You can find which CC near you offers such study areas, refer to the link below! 

Location: https://www.pa.gov.sg/docs/default-source/others-documents/news-doc/community-study-areas-in-pa’s-facilities.pdf


2 – Cafes 

It is especially difficult now to study in cafes as compared to before, because of the strict measures that have been implemented by the government to curb the virus. 


Your favourite spot at Starbucks and CoffeeBean is no longer available to you. But here are 3 different cafes that offer a work-friendly environment for our working adults and also students! 


Here are 3 different cafes that you can still try your luck at! 



Located near Fort-Canning/ Dhoby Ghaut MRT, the Book Cafe offers a different atmosphere compared to the usual cafes. It is a work-friendly environment and as the name suggests, there are books available there to read and simply, chill! 


(Source: https://laptopfriendly.co/singapore/the-book-cafe)


Address: 01-02, 20 Martin Rd, Seng Kee Building, Singapore 239070

Hours: Mon-Sun 8:30 AM–10:30 PM

Phone: +65 6887 5430

Resources: Wifi, Power sockets, Aircon, Food.

Official website: https://www.thebookcafesg.com/ 


Lowercase Cafe

Located inside Lasalle College, this cafe offers a work-friendly environment for students. Lowercase is a unique place to chill, work, study and allows you to connect with others. They also provide free wifi, live music, specialty coffee and quality food. 



(Source: Eatbook –https://eatbook.sg/lowercase/)


Of course, in the light of phase 2 measures, SafeEntry and temperature taking before entering the campus are mandatory. 


Address: 1st McNally Street, #01-01, Block D LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore 187940

Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM- 9 AM, Sat 11 AM-9 PM, Sun 11 AM-7 PM

Phone: +65 6337 5581

Resources: Wifi, Power sockets, Aircon, Food.

Official website: https://www.lowercasesg.com/


Amber Ember 


(Source: Amber Ember)


Amber Ember cafe is a work and student-friendly place offering free Wi-Fi connection as well as power plugs. 


Address: #01-01, 730 Upper Serangoon Road (a rather deserted place or a more or less remote area with lesser crowds) 

Hours: Mon – Closed, Tue-Fri 10 AM to 5 PM, Sat-Sun 10 AM to 6 PM

Phone: +65 6926 3312

Resources: Wi-Fi, Power sockets, Food

Official website: https://www.amberember.sg/ 


3 – Libraries 

Libraries have finally reopened but there are some things you need to know before studying in national libraries! 


You will need to book for a slot before heading to the library. Another point to note is that each booking is valid for 3 hours at regional libraries and 2 hours at all other public libraries. Your slot will be released after a grace period of 30 minutes. 


As compared to other places in this list, libraries have tighter measures put in place by limiting students to only stay for 3 hours and the need to book before visiting. 


However, it is still a good choice if you are looking for a conducive environment to study at! 


4 – Singapore Polytechnic


(Source: Min, Polytechnic lectures to remain online after circuit breaker ends, ITE students to rotate between online and on-campus lessons 2020)


Students can study anywhere in the school since there are always tables and chairs available. 


Students can study at Spectrum, Food Courts (2, 3, 5 and 6). Other places like T11 Square often have tables and chairs laid out for students to study there nearing examination period, however, power sockets are limited there. 


Food court 5 is air-conditioned with power sockets under the tables. Majority of the tables have power sockets in Singapore Poly. This includes the tables at Spectrum, Colors Library and Food Court 3 etc. 


Singapore Polytechnic is also located at the left side of Dover MRT after exiting, simple, fast and easy! Once you reach Dover MRT, you have essentially reached Singapore Polytechnic.  


5 – National Technological University 

(Source: Alibaba, NTU Singapore to Partner on AI Research 2019) 


NTU is the biggest open campus in Singapore and everybody is welcomed to enter.


There are open spaces such as the carpark areas located at North and South spines, the hive as well as benches outside Lecture Theatres etc.

It’s hard to not find tables and chairs around NTU! 


Due to covid and circuit breaker phase 2 limitations, entering school buildings will require SafeEntry and temperature taking, however, do not worry about that too much if you are a student from outside! Only the libraries and tutorial rooms are limited to NTU students, the other places are free to access! 


NTU also operates 24 hours, so it is good for those late-night crammings. 


Address: 50 Nanyang Ave, 639798 

How to get there: There are free shuttle buses available for students to enter the campus, you can find the shuttle buses at Pioneer MRT. Alternatively, you can take 179 from Boon Lay Bus Interchange or Pioneer MRT. 


In a Nutshell


It is fairly difficult to find a conducive environment to study at now even during phase 2 of our circuit breaker. Every student has different studying habits and the learning environment plays a big role when it comes to studying. 


Tutopiya offers 1-1 live online tuition for students taking the national PSLE, O Levels as well as A-Levels. We have comprehensive study resources and guides on our Resource Centre available to all. Tutopiya also offers a free 30 minutes trial to all new students, simply fill up our trial form and we will find you a tutor for you as soon as you have requested. 


We wish all students to take faith during this tough time, because tough times don’t last, tough people do! 



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