Top 5 Resources for ‘O’ Level English Literature for Students

o level english literature

As the new school year approaches, do you struggle to find proper resources for GCSE/GCE O Level English Literature?

Especially for Singapore students, whether you are sitting for their first tests in March or your final test in November, finding succinct and comprehensive resources for O Level English Literature can be very difficult. Luckily, Tutopiya Team has assembled a list that ranks the top 5 resources you can select to begin your study plan today. 


1. Scribd

This document provides an analysis of questions that are usually asked so students are more prepared to answer the question directly and succinctly.

Comprehensive?: Yes.

Free to download?: Yes.

Limitations: Student has to imbue the techniques and tips into their own answers.


2. GCSE O Level English Literature Blog

Run by a teacher (Nijheer), it provides mock papers, analysis of some Literature texts such as Maya Angelou’s poem I know why the Caged Bird Sings, The Planners

It also offers invaluable tips on answering O Level Literature questions.

Comprehensive?: No, it focuses on some texts more than others.

Free to download?: Yes.

Limitations?: Students might have to look at other resources if their texts are not represented.


3. Reddit 

A platform for students to share notes and exchange exam tips with one another. It allows you to commiserate with others who are going through the same national examination.

Comprehensive?: Highly dependent on the quality of notes created by the individual student.

Free to download?: Yes.

Limitations?: The quality of notes are variable and there aren’t too many on this platform.


4. Enotes

Provides tips and reviews of different types of questions and ways to answer them in an exam setting.

Comprehensive?: No, does not deal with all the texts.

Free to download?: No.

Limitations?: Some of it might not be relevant to the Singapore syllabus.


5. Parent and Student Run Forums

Members provide one another with support, tips and guidance towards scoring well for O Level Geography. Students can share in-depth their issues and the community can help them solve it. While this does require sign-ups to use

Comprehensive?: No.

Limitations: The quality of answers are variable because they depend on the members who are answering.

Free to download?: Yes.


Bonus: 6. Past Year Exam Papers by the SEAB

While the SEAB does not offer free resources such as past year exam papers for the GCSE ‘O’ Levels, it does offer downloadable syllabi that are updated from year to year. The syllabus, however, is really important for you to structure your study plan and knowing exactly what examiners expect out of your answers in November 2019.

Comprehensive?: No.

Limitations: Does not offer details on the topics covered by the English Literature syllabus.

Free to download?: Yes


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