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Getting resources for your revision in advance is fairly important. Though the school provides sufficient materials for preparation for the GCE O Level exams, students may find themselves looking for more on the web. This article will provide you with some of the most neglected math tips to tackle ANY math papers. This article also lists some of the best online resources for GCE O Level Amath and Emath. 

Math tips to ace any math papers 

1 – Know the formulas well 

Though some of the formulas are given in both the formula sheets, there are still some formulas that you are required to know. 

These are the algebraic expansion formulas that you may need to know. 

rules for basic expansion of algebraic expressions

Secondly, know the conversions to commonly asked questions, such as knowing how to convert from km/h to m/s. Here’s a quick video to help you to understand how to convert from one unit to another. 

2 – Learn math tips and shortcuts 

One of the biggest parts of maths is the trigonometry identities and formulas we have to grasp. Hence learning mathematical tricks and shortcuts can help you save time in your exams. Not to mention that as you continue to practice, you will build strong muscle memory around the concepts making it easy for your brain to understand and solve the questions faster. 

Firstly, we have the trigonometry values trick with just our hands! 

Secondly, percentage shortcuts 

Percentage questions may come off intimidating for those who are not confident and comfortable with converting. Here is a mathematical percentage trick that helps you work out percentages as quickly as you would for basic multiplication. 

You can find more of these types of shortcuts on youtube and online. There are plenty of math tips and tricks that you have yet to discover and learn! 

Knowing shortcuts or some math tips will help you save time during your examination and focus the time on solving questions that require you to put your thinking caps on. 

These are the types of preparations you can do before your examinations. It is important that you do not lose marks due to conversions and calculations. 

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3 – Know mathematical terms, constants and notation by heart

Geometry is a huge topic in mathematics too, it covers angles, triangles and polygons. Therefore, you are required to know the names of the angles and triangles. 


These are the required concepts for Geometry in the Emath paper. 

  • right, acute, obtuse and reflex angles
  • vertically opposite angles on a straight line and angles at a point
  • angles formed by two parallel lines and a transversal: corresponding angles, alternate angles, interior angles
  • properties of triangles, special quadrilaterals and regular polygons (pentagon, hexagon, octagon and decagon), including symmetry properties
  • classifying special quadrilaterals on the basis of their properties
  • angle sum of interior and exterior angles of any convex polygon
  • properties of perpendicular bisectors of line segments and angle bisectors 

To find out more about the concepts tested, visit the official MOE website here to check out the syllabus. 

Here is a summary of the types of angles tested:

math tips

4 – Utilise your calculator to the fullest 

It is important to know how to use your calculator, here is a list of the approved calculators for the GCE O Level. 

Your calculator not only helps with the simple calculations, but they also have functions that you need to know how to use in order to make your calculator worth it. 

One of the approved calculators is the Casio FX 82MS. Here’s a video on how you can use your calculator to find the mean, standard deviation and variance. 

You can easily search up your calculator model and check out if they have any useful tricks on the calculator to help you in your examinations. 

Emath and Amath formula sheet 

It is always handy to keep the given formula sheet around when you work on problems and exam papers. Though it is not a long formula sheet, it is still good to keep it around you to get familiar with it. 

Download the Emath formula sheet here. The Amath formula sheet can be downloaded here

Student’s math tips

As a university student, when I know there is a given formula sheet (where not all the formulas are given), I would write down all the formulas that are not given on the same sheet. 

You may wonder why do so when you cannot bring that in. 

It is important to realise that the only thing you are given outside of the examination is the formula sheet. 

This is one of the most neglected aspects of sitting for an examination. The formula sheet could be the key to revision. 

Here’s a quick view of how one of my examination formula sheets looks like. 

Doing this and constantly referring to it when I study or attempt exam papers helps you to build muscle memory around the formula. 

Additionally, you do not have to constantly flip your books when you cannot remember the formula. 

Amath and emath past year paper free download 

1 – Testpaperfree 

They provide downloadable versions of other secondary school’s past year papers for the secondary 4 Emath and Amath. 

2 – Tuition with Jason 

This site also offers free downloadable past year papers from other secondary schools, inclusive of their prelim exam papers. It offers both Emath and Amath papers. 

In a nutshell, the discussed math tips are applicable not only to Singapore math but any math in the world. These are the tips that are most neglected when students sit for their math examinations. 

Tutopiya wishes all our students the best of luck for their upcoming national examinations and that these tips come in handy for you! 

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