Learn online! Here’s why it’s a great option

Your child’s tutor is just a tap away. With a custmised lesson planning and personalised teaching solution like Tutopiya, your child will experience the benefits of one-on-one lessons. They’ll also have constant access to study materials and highly certified graduate tutors at any time. Here are ten reasons why parents choose online tutoring to aid in their students success.


  1. Accessibility

We at Tutopiya cordinate with our students schedule to fine lesson times that work best for your child. We understand that kids are extremely busy these days with sports and other extra curricular activities that makes it difficult to find the right balance between studying and sports – therefore, with a live, online tutoring platform like Tutopiya, your student can arrange to meet with their tutor when they have the time during their day. This flexibility also helps parents by elimnating the need to coordinate more transportation into the evening.


2. Technology

Through the classroom setting has been used for ages, it’s often not the most productive environment for a student to learn. Kids tend to absorb information and perform more strongly in the comfort of their own home, free pf distraction from their classmates. Tutopiya uses a whiteboard classroom technology where both student and teacher can upload and work on a lesson together. They’re also granted undivided attention from their online tutor, whereas students in a classroom often have to compete for time.


3. Time

One of the benefits you and your child will gain from Tutopiya is that it’s available anytime and anywhere. Students can access the library of study sheets, quizzes, practice tests, assignments, and more 24/7. A traditional tutoring program would require an in-person session to have access to new study materials, whereas with online tutoring, it makes all aterials available in just one click. Upon completion of the study excersises, the turo can assess the student’s prograss virtually, so there’s nothing holding him or her back from advancing to the next level.

4. Progress

The accessibility of Tutopiya’s learning materials is that it allows students to progess quickly. Tutopiya will be assessing all students progress by giving each assignment and assesment of the chapters completed within a given period of time. This allows paremts to ensure that their child is benefitting from the program in a way ypu intended, If yout child is facing any difficulty in a certain topic, we can address them quickly so your child does not spend too much time on learning the concepts they are already familiar with. Therefore, the assessments will be carried out in order to makesure your child practices the areas needed.


5. Engagement

With growing reliance on digital communication, digital proficiency has become increasingly important. By interacting with the digital tutoring system, your child will become fluent in digital engagement, which will be beneficial in the long run. High digital proficiency is something almost every employer will look for in an applicant. Though your child may be far away from a job, it’s never too early to hone those skills.


6. Confidence

When students succeed, they have reason to believe in themselves. If they’re not getting the support they need, they won’t succeed. Tutopiya provides that support so your child will understand the feeling of concept mastery, and be confident in their full potential to learn more. The resources and exercises offered by Tutopiya go beyond surface-level academics, and teach proficiency in problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, and reading comprehension. By understanding the process of problem-solving, students are positioning themselves to succeed in academic endeavors far beyond middle or jc school.


7. Relief with online tutoring

As much as parents want to see their children succeed, and help them along the way, it’s hard to continue working after a day on the go. Coordinating activities, carpools, meals, practices, and more is a job in itself. Adding homework to that list can be a huge challenge. But not if you have additional help waiting online. Tutopiya’s tutors can alleviate stress you may feel about not being adequately prepared to help your child understand his or her homework. With their expert knowledge, they can help explain complex concepts in a digestible way, saving you and your child from frustration.

8. Answers

Raising your hand can be one of the most intimidating parts of the classroom experience. If you get an answer wrong, it could be incredibly embarrassing. In the comfort of your home, students never have to hesitate to ask questions. They are their own audience, with no one but their tutor listening in. And questions are encouraged, so they should feel safe to ask away. Part of your childs difficulty in school could be lack of understanding due to lack of question asking. WIth just a few honest questions, your student may be on the road to subject mastery.

9. Pace

Classroom curriculums are designed to be followed, whether or not each student is on the same page. Delaying one lesson for the sake of one student could throw off a teacher’s entire plan. Spending as much time as needed on an online lesson, however, won’t change anything except for the student’s progress. Tutopiya’s graduate tutors will work at the pace of your student to make sure they’re keeping up and on track to understanding each lesson.

10. Reassurance

A love of learning is hard to teach, but with patience and understanding, online tutors can help foster it within your child. Having this foundation will set them up for success both immediately and also far in the future. Having a dedicated, expert, online tutor to guide your child through challenging subjects provides reassurance that any roadblock can be removed with proper support. Tutopiya allows you to check in and make sure your child is heading down the right path so you know your investment is worth way more than an A.

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