O Level Physics: Ultimate Study Resource – Tips, Cheatsheet and Summary Notes

igcse physics

To get an A* or A1 in the IGCSE or GCE O Level Physics exam it is important that you understand the concepts well. Having a good base of theoretical knowledge on physics is inadequate as you must also familiarise yourself with the numerical concepts as well.


We at Tutopiya want you to achieve the highest grade for your upcoming exam – therefore, we have combined a formula sheet for your easy reference in order to prepare better.


This article will bring you the following:

– Cheatsheet on the topics that are tested for O Levels (downloadable version available too!)

– Summary notes 

– Tips and additional resources for students to prepare for the O Levels


IGCSE Physics Cheatsheet

Download our PDF version here! It includes – the cheatsheet and summary notes!

Download Here!



General Physics 

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Thermal Physics 

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Waves, light and sound 

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Electricity and Magnetism

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Atomic Physics

IGCSE Physics

Tips for Acing the GCE or IGCSE Physics subject 


1 – Watch Physics Videos 

The Physics subject can be a difficult subject to ace as it requires students to be able to relate real-life situations to solve some problems. 


Hence, instead of learning Physics with just textbooks and notes and a bunch of formulas, look at pictures and watch videos!

It can be extremely helpful to watch videos and relate those abstract concepts to solve problems. Here are some of our favourite Physics channels! 


1 – CrashCourse 

CrashCourse on Youtube is known for their easy to understand, bite-sized videos. They have amazing graphics to illustrate complex concepts to assist students better in understanding the topics. Be sure to check them out! 


Visit CrashCourse on Youtube here


2 – Domain of Science 

The Domain of Science is another highly recommended YouTube channel that offers students interesting Physics topics to explore. 


Visit Domain of Science on Youtube here.


2 – Study the given formula sheet in the exam 

Most Physics examinations will provide you with a formula sheet with all the Physics formulas for you to refer to. However, it is important that you take time to study the formula sheet before the examinations. 


The formula sheet is the only thing in the examination that you are allowed to have before the examination. The formula sheet is highly neglected by students when it should be something as important as revising for the subject. 


You are given the formula sheet – study it – make notes on it – constantly refer to it to familiarise yourself with the formula sheet. 


3 – Understand instead of simply “memorising”

If you study physics hard enough, you would have probably realised by now that, “memorising” Physics is not a thing at all. It is simply not possible to “memorise” anything about physics. Most of the time, it is either you get it or you don’t. 


But, don’t panic. Start to build up your foundation for Physics as it builds on previous knowledge and it is vital for further advancement in the study. 


Try your best to understand the concepts and give yourself time to practice these concepts. Physics is a subject that is highly related to our everyday life, hence it is important to be able to relate to the question. 


Struggling with Physics? Tutopiya is here to help you – we offer both the IGCSE (Core or Extended or Coordinated Sciences) and GCE O level Physics (Combined and Pure Science). Contact us to arrange for a free 1-1 online and live Physics lesson with us today! 


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