Top IB Schools In Australia

What Are The IB Schools In Australia? 

IB diploma programmes in Australia, with its diverse range of curriculums and student populations, can be tricky to find.

The following article runs through everything you would need to know about IB diplomas in Australia and a list of schools that offer the programme. 

Finding schools that offer IB programmes can be tiresome and time-consuming, especially when it comes to finding schools in Australia. 

Australia has some of the best education standards in the world and when it comes to choosing a school for your child, you’re right to look for the best IB school. 

With its diverse student profiles and range of curriculums, Australia offers some of the best higher education opportunities for brilliant students who study IB programmes. 

More than 2700 Australian students  sat for their IB Diploma in 2019, an alternative to the HSC that is only available to students in NSW if they study at one of the 18 independent schools.

To make your search easier, we put together a list of the best IB school in Australia. 

Disclaimer – This list is in no particular order

Top IB Schools in Australia

School  PYP MYP DP  State
St. Pauls Grammar School  NSW
St. Andrews Cathedral  NSW
Trinity Grammar School  NSW
Australian International Academy  VIC
Ravenswood School for Girls  NSW
Geelong Grammar School VIC
Kardinia International College VIC
Somerset College QLD
St Peter Lutheran College QLD
Scotch College WA
Concordia College  SA
Immanuel College SA
Mercedes College SA
Melba Copland Secondary School ACT
Southern Christian College  TAS
Good Shephard Lutheran College (Howard Springs) NT

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