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Taking the IB diploma program examinations can be stressful and difficult since the International Baccalaureate prepares students holistically for further studies or the workforce. It is best to be aware of the skills needed for every part of the test or exam as well as your aptitude when you choose assessment or textbooks. 

A good prep book can be useful to help you with your studies, but so is a personal tutor who can help you with your questions and techniques to the IB Diploma Program assessments. There are plenty of assessments and textbooks out in the market but not all will meet your needs.

Tutopiya brings you the best textbooks recommended and used  IB Diploma Program students and tutors.

IB Diploma Program Theory of Knowledge

Best Course Book


1 IB Theory of Knowledge Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Program Course Book


Price on Amazon: USD 31.50 – 44.95 (Paperback)

Publisher: Oxford

This book is able to navigate the current syllabus with a clear and logical learning pathway for students. 


2 Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma Full Colour Edition


Price on Amazon: USD43.37 

There are many other TOK assessment and prep books that you may find better for your learning and studying ability. The nature of the Theory of Knowledge is so subjective, which book you use is dependent on what your studying pattern is like.

IB Diploma Program SL/HL Chemistry

Best Course Book

IB Chemistry Course Book: 2014 For the IB Diploma SL/HL


Price on Amazon: USD27.68 (Paperback)

Publisher: Oxford

This book was developed directly with the IBO to accurately match the syllabus for SL and HL.

The book poses realistic practice questions with high quality and precise explanations. On the downside, this textbook does not contain any study or test strategies and it is more costly than other guidebooks. 

Best Study Guides

Oxford IB Study Guides: Chemistry for the IB Diploma


Price on Amazon: from USD 16.99 (Paperback)

Publisher: Oxford

This study guide reinforces all key concepts for the syllabus. This is to ensure students develop a clear understanding of all crucial topics for both SL and HL. The concepts are broken down into readable sections with illustrations to help with understanding.

Like other Oxford books, this study guide constructs content closely to how IBO test their students.

IB Diploma Program SL/HL Biology

Best Course Book

IB Biology Course Book: 2014 Edition: Oxford IB Diploma Program


Price on Amazon: USD29.10 (Paperback)

Publisher: Oxford

The book is published by Oxford, with the help of IBO, therefore, the questions are written realistically to resemble the real test. It is also very thorough with its content. 

The downside of this book is that it is costly and does not include any study or test strategies. 

IB Diploma Program Mathematics Higher Level

Best Course Book

1 Pearson Baccalaureate Higher Level Mathematics Second Edition Print 


Price on Amazon: USD78.15

The book is written by an expert tutor team consisting of former IB chief examiners, senior examiners and other teachers with IB background.

The book has clear worked solutions and good explanations of key concepts and skills, accompanied by numerous worked examples.

There are practice questions with answers from past year papers to help you with exam preparation. 


2 Mathematics Higher Level for the IB Diploma


Price on Amazon: USD82.04

The question posed by this book is closely similar to the actual exam with useful model answers to refer to. 

IB DP Mathematics Standard Level

Best Course Book

1 Haese Mathematics for the International Student Mathematics SL


Link to the PDF version of the textbook here.


2  IB Mathematics Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Program


Link to the PDF version of the textbook here.

The questions are very similar to the IB exam-style as it relates to real-world situations. This allows students to connect mathematics with human behaviour, language, morality, and more.

About Oxford Books

The IBO took part in developing assessments and prep book for the IBDP students.

All the books developed by Oxford have sufficient syllabus coverage and are the truest match to the IB syllabus. On top of that, the Oxford books have complete and concise worked solutions for students in the books. 

Therefore, most of the top-selling IB DP assessment books are written by Oxford, as they are authentic and reliable.

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