igcse magazine article writing

IGCSE Magazine Article Writing : 5 Key Points for How to Write a Winning Article


IGCSE magazine article writing is a recurring topic in the IGCSE English curriculum. Hence, asking students to write a magazine article is a very popular question when it comes to the IGCSE English Examination.

Since the magazine article question is very common it carries a considerable amount of marks as well. Therefore, students are very often hesitant to attempt the question due to fear of not producing a good article in their answer scripts.


igcse magazine article writing


Important Key Points to consider for IGCSE magazine article writing to write the Perfect Magazine Article


Every student should consider a few important aspects when thinking about how to write the perfect magazine article for IGCSE English.

These aspects are called key points and are relevant to any type of IGCSE Magazine Article Writing.

Students will find that planning, organizing, and writing magazine articles becomes much easier if the key points are understood.

In this article, on how to write the perfect magazine article for IGCSE let’s look at some of the important key points that will help you write the perfect magazine article.


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Take a look at 5 key points on how to write a perfect magazine article for IGCSE below


1. Plan, organize, and draft

As per tutors and teachers, around 30 to 40 minutes should be spent on IGCSE magazine article writing.

Therefore, a quick plan to organize your ideas and draft a framework for your article is important.

Students should take about 10 minutes to draft out their plan.

These 10 minutes are very valuable and allow the student to brainstorm ideas for their magazine article.

Once the plan is laid out you can then organize the title, paragraphs, vocabulary, facts, quotes, or technical terms.

Organization is key for a well-rounded and clear article.

A well-organized article will consist of a clear title, paragraphs, and a smooth flow of ideas.

While planning and organizing the ideas for your magazine article, you are in fact making a

A draft will act as a quick guide when you actually begin writing the article.


igcse magazine article writing



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2. Identify your audience and writing style for IGCSE magazine article writing

While drafting the framework of your magazine article it helps to identify your audience

Identify who will be reading your magazine article

One important question to answer is:

Who is this magazine article for?

Is this for a school/children’s magazine, a women’s magazine, current affairs/news magazine, or a social magazine?

As soon as you identify your audience, you can decide on your writing style.

Writing styles set the tone and narrative of an article.

Therefore it is important to understand the type of tone or approach your article will take on.

Some of the popular writing styles are:

Descriptive writing 

Descriptive writing is when the writer paints a picture for the reader through his or her words and description to help them almost visualize their ideas.

Argumentative writing

Argumentative writing is usually where an idea, a point of view, or a debate is discussed. The writer can talk about both sides or only the side he or she supports.

Narrative writing

Narrative writing is where the writer is simply narrating a story, fictional or nonfictional to the reader in their own words.


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igcse magazine article writing


3. Decide which side you are on

Usually, IGCSE magazine article writing requires the writer to take a particular side of a topic.

One such example of a magazine writing article topic or question is :

‘Should Phones Be Allowed To School or Not ‘

Students have to decide which side they are going to take on such a topic.

Will they be writing for or against the topic of whether should phones be allowed in school or not?

Once the student has decided which side they will be representing, they can begin with an introduction to introduce the topic to the readers.

Then, students can proceed with presenting their opinions and thoughts on their chosen side in the body of the article.

Moreover, it is important that students provide evidence or reasons to prove their point of view.

A minimum of two paragraphs should be included in the body of the article.

Alternatively, students can also present an article where they can write on both sides to give a well-rounded perspective.

In such a case, students can give their points on agreeing with the topic in the first paragraph of the body.

Then, in the next paragraph students can present the points against the topic.

Furthermore, in order to show the exclusivity of each paragraph, students can use vibrant subheadings to attract the reader’s attention.


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igcse magazine article writing


4. Using catchy titles and subheadings in IGCSE magazine article writing

While there is a lot of importance placed on writing clearly organized paragraphs, the title of the article and its subheadings need to be attractive too.

A very distinctive feature of a well-written article is the eye-catching title and subheadings.

Students can provide catchy and vivid headings or titles and subheadings to grasp the attention of the examiner.

For example, here is a suggestion for a student writing an article based on the topic ‘Should Phones be Allowed to School or Not ‘

Students can try writing something like this:

‘Student Poll: Should Phones be Allowed to School or Not?’

‘3 Top Reasons Why Phones Should be Allowed to School’

Distraction or Necessity – Should Phones be Allowed to Schools or Not’



igcse magazine article writing

5. Rich vocabulary to write the perfect magazine article for IGCSE

If your writing contains richness, a variety of vocabulary, and flair then you can write on any topic.

The type of language and vocabulary you use can add dimension to any type of writing.

Especially in magazine articles, the writer needs to promptly hold the reader’s attention because magazine articles are shorter compared to novels and short stories.

Some of the ways in which you can add richness and versatility to the language are by using different techniques.

Magazine articles are a great way to showcase argumentative and contrasting opinions by using the following writing techniques suggested below

Techniques or vocabulary that can show comparison, contrast, analysis, and explain the topic in discussion will give your article an edge.

For example:  ‘On the other hand ‘, ‘In contrast to ‘ , ‘Alternatively’,  ‘Two sides of the same coin’ and ‘Lesser of the two evils ‘

Likewise, students can also use better vocabulary by adding different connecting and concluding words such as:

‘Additionally’, ‘Nevertheless’, ‘Simultaneously’, ‘In a nutshell ‘, ‘To conclude ‘, ‘In conclusion, and ‘To wrap up ‘.

Richness can also be added by using a few quotes and proverbs that may seem suitable for the content of the article.



igcse magazine article writing


Another better way to write the perfect magazine article for IGCSE is…


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