10 Useful Tips To Help You Learn Korean Fast!

10 Fast Ways To Learn Korean 


Are you a student taking up Korean as your second or third language in school? Or are you looking to learn Korean so you can understand your favourite Korean dramas without having to read the subtitles?


Well, doesn’t matter which you belong to! Because here are 10 tips for everybody who wants to learn Korean fast!


How to learn Korean fast 


Tip 1: Learn the Korean Hangul 

The Korean Hangul, also known as the alphabetic system used for writing the Korean language consists of 24 letters including 14 consonants and 10 vowels. 


It is just like how there are 26 alphabets in the English language! So, start learning the basics of the language by knowing all the alphabets first! 


The Romanized Hangul is the system for representing the Korean language in Latin script. You will be able to learn how to read the Korean alphabets by reading Latin scripts! 

Tip 2: Grab a friend along!

In order for you to be fluent in any language, you have to start by conversing in that language. What better way to practice than to grab a friend along to learn Korean together! Or perhaps you have some Korean friends in school or at your workplace, you talk to them in Korean! 


Having friends learn a language with you would be beneficial since both of you would be able to correct each other’s mistakes, and learn to be more confident in speaking Korean as time goes on! 


learn korean fast

(Source: https://www.sbs.com.au/popasia/blog/2018/04/09/7-must-watch-korean-variety-shows)

Tip 3: Watch Korean shows or Korean music

This is one of the most popular ways people learn a language. 


Watching variety shows, dramas, sitcoms and anything on the TV can help train you to understand the language better. 


The reason is that in the shows, characters and hosts would speak in conversational Korean, hence allowing you to better understand their tone and meaning when watching them. 


Here are some popular Korean variety shows that can help you learn Korean and have fun watching them!

  • Running Man
  • Run BTS!
  • Hello Counsellor
  • Weekly Idol
  • Knowing Bros

Tip 4: Find a teacher! 

There’s no better way to learn than to have a professional to help you with the language. 


Especially for students who are taking the Korean language as examinations, you will need a good teacher to help you with the pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary of the language. 


Tutopiya offers the Korean language as an examination syllabus for the IGCSE and IB curriculum. Sign up with Tutopiya to experience a FREE online trial! 


Whereas for leisure learning, going for a Korean class and having a Korean teacher to teach you can also greatly improve your Korean language and the speed of your learning. 


Having a Korean language tutor will also allow you to speak more Korean during class as well as provide you with better Korean resources to help aid your learning progress. 


This is definitely a win-win situation! 

learn korean fast

Tip 5: Youtube 

Youtube is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to learning a new skill, a new language or anything under the sun. There are many youtube videos that teach you how to converse in Korean or simply learn Korean from scratch. 


There are videos on learning conversational Korean or learning Korean from alphabets! Do what you desire and 


If you are looking for a more in-depth online class, the next tip is just for you! 


(Source: www.skillshare.com)

Tip 6: Go on learning platforms 

Skillshare offers many courses ranging from learning a language to learning how to do digital marketing, even though it is a paid service, it is definitely worth every penny. You get to take unlimited courses and allowed to go through the videos again and again. 


Skillshare is also known for its bitesize lessons, the class is split into small videos to allow you to learn at your own pace. 


Skillshare also often give out promo codes which you can get up to 2 FREE months of subscription by quoting a YouTuber or influencers’ name. 

TTMIK E-books on Amazon Kindle and Google Play – Learn Korean with Talk To Me In Korean

(Source: https://talktomeinkorean.com/ebooks/)

Tip 7: Choosing the correct textbooks and workbooks 

Do you remember how we started learning English or our mother tongue language? 


We started with textbooks that are colourful and easy to understand. 


It can be daunting if you dive right into the tough things such as learning how to construct a sentence when you have limited vocabulary. 


So, learn the basic words and grammar before diving deeper, Start with the elementary things first and enjoy the process of learning along the way! 


Tip 8: Surround yourself with Korean to learn Korean fast

It can be hard to learn Korean if you do not have Korean friends or anybody to speak Korean to. Instead, you can make small adjustments to your life and surround yourself with Korean. 


Here are some tips to surround yourself with Korean 

  • Setting your phone language to Korean 
  • Writing reminders or small notes in Korean 
  • Play some educational Korean games on your phone 
  • Listen to some audiobooks in Korean as you move forward 


What is 콩글리시 (Konglish)? | Korean Language Blog

(Source: https://blogs.transparent.com/korean/what-is-%EC%BD%A9%EA%B8%80%EB%A6%AC%EC%8B%9C-konglish/)

Tip 9: Konglish 

Korean has many Korean-style English words which are called Konglish. They are Korean vocabulary words that sound and mean the same as English words. Here some examples: 


컵 (keop) = cup

카페 (ka-pe) = cafe

초콜릿 (cho-kol-lit) = chocolate

카메라 (ka-me-ra) = camera

택시 (taek-si) = taxi

인터넷 (in-teo-net) = internet


Follow this link to a website that allows you to listen to how some Korean vocabulary words are pronounced and you can also learn the meaning of these words at the same time! 


learn korean fast

Tip 10: Be consistent

When it comes to learning a new language, it is important that you are consistent and constantly practising the language to build muscle memory.


Therefore it is crucial that you practice consistently, in fact, you do not need to spend hours on the table. You just have to put in a consistent effort in reviewing the language, this way it can help you to improve your Korean overtime. 


Learn how about some of the ways you can cultivate a good studying habit applicable to studying students or leisure learning!


In a nutshell: How to learn Korean fast

It is always difficult to take the first steps to try something new. 


However, as long as you stay motivated and consistently putting in the effort to incorporate Korean into your life, you will find yourself mastering the language as the days go by! 


Tutopiya wishes you all the best in learning the new language! 


“Learn as though you would never be able to master it; hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it.” – Confucius. 


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